What is a drug treatment program?

When you or a loved one suffers from an addiction to drugs, it can be difficult to try and obtain sobriety on your own. Addiction can have a stronghold on your life and can make it easy to feel controlled by your dependency on substances. Drug treatment programs are an excellent option due to the benefits they offer.

Many people aren’t aware of how drug treatment programs work or why they’re successful. They’re staffed with qualified professionals who help residents work through their addictions and achieve sobriety. If you choose to enroll in a drug treatment program, it’s important to know what to expect and why the experience can be life-changing.

What are Drug Treatment Programs?

Drug treatment programs offer both inpatient and outpatient services. In many cases, people move onto the facility and live on the property for several weeks or months, depending on the program and the severity of each person’s addiction. Many facilities include detoxing and have medical professionals present as residents stop using drugs to monitor the medically-managed detoxes. Some facilities require residents to be clean when they arrive at the establishment.

A team of specialists is available to provide therapy to residents and get to the root of their addiction. They’re available to teach coping-skill techniques and how to recognize triggers. One-one-on therapy is often a part of the program, as well as group therapy. Group therapy makes it possible to have a support system with the other residents in the program and talk about personal struggles in a safe place. Family is often involved in therapy, as many family members are encouraged to attend therapy sessions.

Outpatient programs require patients to visit the facility five to seven days each week to participate in therapy and counseling. This is known to be a more affordable program and can allow patients to continue working or spending time with their families while receiving the services.

Residential treatment is a lot more intensive and is recommended for individuals who have more severe addictions. They can learn coping skills and wrap-around services before they return back to the real world.

Private and Confidential

Every drug treatment program is legally required to be private and confidential. They’re mandated by law to ensure the patients’ privacy is always protected. The staff maintains confidentiality and keeps all information secure.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans often include multiple therapies, depending on the individual and what they can benefit from as they work towards sobriety. Patients receive treatment for a single addiction to drugs or multiple addictions. It includes physical and emotional aspects of addiction with comprehensive psychoeducation that is provided. Patients learn how to gain a greater understanding of why they use drugs and what steps they need to take to fully recover.

How Long are Drug Rehab Programs?

The length of drug rehab programs always varies, but most programs are 28 days long. Some facilities offer 60 to 90-day programs, which are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

The patients can often work with the professional team at the program to determine the length of their stay in advance. Patients have the chance to learn about the program in advance and the services they’ll receive.

Aftercare plans are also created to help patients transition back to the real world after they complete the program. This often includes having access to support groups in the local area to continue receiving support. The services can help each person build coping skills, improve communication, avoid triggers, and strengthen their relationship with their family members.

Patients may also enter halfway houses or sober-living homes, which help them to transition back to their lives after spending time at an inpatient facility. Patients have the opportunity to live with similar individuals who are also working hard to maintain sobriety. Ongoing therapy sessions are practiced to ensure residents can gain the support they need to avoid relapsing and work hard to rebuild their lives.

Paying for Drug Treatment Programs

Drug treatment programs vary in cost, making it necessary to research the prices in advance. Some facilities offer free services, or scholarships are available. The length of the stay, the location of the facility, and the different types of services provided can influence the cost.

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