What Does Alcoholism Look Like?

Alcoholism can be difficult to detect at first glance because it is such a huge spectrum regarding the extent of the abuse. Some people may drink every day, and others only drink on the weekends. Some people may start drinking at an early age, while some don’t start until later in life. Alcoholism can also look different from person to person as many factors play into how much someone drinks, how often they drink, and how long they have been drinking. This is what alcoholism looks like.

Drinking All Day

Alcohol is mostly used for pleasure, such as drinking on the weekends and at social events. The time a person spends drinking affects how much they drink. People who drink every day tend to drink more and can get used to the amount of alcohol they are drinking.

The body builds a tolerance and starts needing more of the substance to get the same effect. It can lead to problems like alcoholism because it causes an increase in alcohol consumption which can cause negative consequences in the body. Most alcoholics drink more than they intended to because they are addicted to the substance.

Poor Health

Alcohol has a wide range of negative effects on the body, such as liver damage and liver disease. Alcohol is also linked to oral cancers and stomach ulcers. Drinking can cause dehydration, which can be very dangerous for already dehydrated people, especially those whose organs are already under strain. Alcoholism makes an individual more susceptible to illness and disease because of the poor nutrition it causes. Without a good diet, the body cannot function properly, contributing to illness.


Alcoholism involves a lot of behavior changes because drinking leads to many negative consequences that force individuals to change their behavior. When drunk, they have poor concentration, are more impulsive, get into trouble more easily, and act very aggressively. Alcoholism causes effects on the brain that can cause behavior changes. Alcohol makes it hard for the brain to control the person and make them behave normally.


An alcohol addict will not pay attention to how they look, which can be a sign of addiction. They may have dark circles under their eyes and slurred speech. Their clothes may be messy or appear dirty. When someone who drinks frequently has the same bad appearance, it may be a sign of addiction because they feel like they haven’t time to look good since they’re always drinking.

Frequent Blackouts

Alcohol abuse can cause blackouts. Blackouts happen when an individual has forgotten events from the night before. It is a sure sign of alcoholism because the person has lost control of themselves in those situations and can’t remember what has happened. Blackouts are caused by the brain failing to keep memories from being formed, so it wipes out any memories from being formed during those moments. Alcoholism is a serious issue and can cause blackouts to happen frequently.

Bad Financial Decisions

Alcohol addiction is a big factor in people’s inability to manage their money. People who drink heavily tend to spend more money on alcohol than they make and are unable to handle money well. Alcoholism will lead a person into financial debt and make bad decisions due to being intoxicated. Alcoholism will also lead to an individual losing their job because they may abuse alcohol while working. People who abuse alcohol tend to not care about the negative consequences that they cause, such as causing accidents or being fired from a job.

In conclusion, alcoholism is a broad spectrum of abuse that can look different in different people. Many factors go into what alcoholism looks like and its effects on the individual. Alcoholism can be hard to recognize because it is so broad, but there are many telltale signs such as lack of hygiene, financial problems due to drinking, and overuse of alcohol. Furthermore, the behavior changes while drinking and after drinking can show if someone is addicted or not. To better understand alcoholism, call 844-639-8371.

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