What Community Resources Can a Florida Center for Recovery Provide?

Addiction attacks every part of your life. In addition to seeking treatment to deal with your addiction, you may also find that you need a helping hand to overcome life’s challenges. While you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might have found it hard to keep a job or to manage your housing. Your family relationships and friendships may have also taken a hit, and this might leave you feeling as though you have nowhere to turn as you begin to rebuild your life.

Fortunately, you never have to feel alone. A Florida center for recovery offers a wealth of community resources that are all designed to help you get on your feet. You can even get a personalized plan for help that allows you to know exactly what you need to do along each step of your recovery.

Find Solutions for Sobriety

The most important step in your journey is your decision to get sober and seek treatment. If you have never been to addiction treatment before, then your best option is to begin by working with the Florida center for recovery to determine which type of treatment works best for your needs.

For instance, you may need residential treatment if you are concerned about withdrawal symptoms as you go through detox. This type of treatment can also help you to recover in a drug and alcohol-free environment that is not accessible to negative influences. You can also get help with an outpatient treatment plan. This is best for people who have a mild form of addiction or who need to continue to manage responsibilities such as child rearing or working. Keep in mind that both types of treatment offer a variety of different services that enhance your recovery such as intensive individual counseling or assistance with nutritional planning to help you recover your physical health.

Get Help Finding a Job

One of the most valuable community resources that you can find at a center for recovery is assistance with career planning and finding a job. Once you are sober, you may find that you need to change jobs to get away from the people that you used to use drugs or alcohol with. Alternatively, you may have lost your job due to taking too many sick days or not meeting goals because you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you reach out to a recovery center, you receive judgment-free help with getting your career back on the right path. Whether you are a teacher or in the construction field, there is a job position out there just waiting for you to fill it.

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery mean that you have turned over a new leaf that helps you get noticed by employers. However, you may still need help with navigating your way through the job search process. Career resources help you to freshen up your approach to finding a job, and they can include these services.

• practice your interview skills
• get help writing a winning resume
• take job training courses
• identify potential career paths

Learn Life Skills for Independent Living

The world of addiction is often disorganized, and you may have spent many months or years under the control of cravings and urges. This means that you may have entered adulthood without the skills that you need to flourish. For instance, you may have never learned to cook or pay bills on time. In some cases, older adults may also struggle with these types of life skills if they didn’t learn them earlier or have cultivated negative habits. Sober life is a constant learning process, and your counselors can help you find classes and other resources that help you learn how to manage your responsibilities better. In fact, you can even find help with housing that puts you in an environment that allows you to slowly stair-step your way to independent living.

For instance, sober housing is an option that you can use after your initial stay at rehab to practice your new life skills in a safe environment. For instance, there will be a mentor there who can remind you to make a payment or follow up on how well you managed a task such as remembering to wash the dishes. Over time, you will find that you gain the confidence to expand your skill set and lean on new resources that help you find housing and continue to attend group therapy and independent counseling sessions.

Are you eager to explore the resources that are out there to help you live your best sober life? Give us a call today at 844-639-8371!

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