What Can I Bring With Me To A Drug Rehab in Florida?

When you make the choice to enter drug detox and rehab, you will need to limit what you bring to the facility. As you gather up your belongings, focus on privacy and comfort.

What can I bring with me to a drug rehab in Florida? Products that will help you feel as healthy and comfortable as possible in a group setting. Working through detox will likely put a great deal of stress on your body and leave you feeling poorly. In your suitcase, it would be helpful to have

  • soft clothing with lots of cotton in the weave
  • warm garments you can wrap up in
  • soft-soled, comfortable shoes

In the early stages of rehab, your kidneys and liver will be working hard to shed toxins. This means that you may also be sweating a lot and feel less than perfectly clean. Clothing that doesn’t cling or bind, as well as garments that will wick away perspiration, will help a great deal.

Your footwear will matter both to you and to your neighbors. When some people work through detox and rehab, they become extremely sensitive to external stimuli. Noisy shoes may not bother you, but they could make your fellow folks working through treatment unhappy. To maintain your privacy and for the sake of goodwill, wear shoes that are quiet.

Supporting Your Body and Spirit

In addition to garments that will keep you warm and comfortable, it’s a good idea to bring some favorite reading material. Don’t try to force yourself to learn new topics or stretch yourself spiritually at this time. Bring reading material that comforts you. Your brain will undergo a tremendous amount of change during the detox and rehab process. The human brain, in the throes of addiction, can actually start to reorder what is necessary to stay alive and keep your family alive. Familiar reading material will give you comfort as your brain reorders itself over time.

Be Kind to Your Skin

As your body sheds toxins, you will sweat more and may be concerned about odors. If you’re allowed, bring your favorite body wash, lotions, creams and deodorants. As you clean up, take care to avoid extreme temperatures. Many who start abusing drugs do so in an effort to control pain, particularly nerve pain. If you notice that your pain is flaring up, you may be tempted to try to lower the pain level with a long, hot shower.

However, your nerve cells may not be fully online as yet. Your current drug rehab facility may not offer you the chance to take a steamy hot shower; there may be governors set on the utilities to prevent folks from burning themselves. However, staying clean doesn’t have to mean washing until you’re raw and blistered. Be as gentle to your skin as you can possibly be and, if needed, take multiple warm showers and use plenty of moisturizer to help yourself feel clean.

Don’t Forget Photos

The process of rehab can feel extremely isolating. However, your goal is to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones on the other side of detox and rehab. To that end, make sure you are carrying photos, reminders and even touchstones of your favorite people. If you have lost touch with a loved one due to drug use or if your marriage is in a crisis, carrying a photo can help you remain focused on the work you have to do.

Don’t rely on digital images for these reminders; you may not be able to keep your phone with you in your private space. Tuck an unframed favorite photo of your loved ones into your suitcase or tote bag so you have it to enjoy during the hardest parts of rehab. The discomfort of detox and the work of rehab will be exhausting.

If you have the chance to enter in-patient rehab in Florida, pack with an eye toward familiarity and comfort. A focus on favorite narratives, comforting scents and soft clothing will lower your discomfort as your body and brain readjust from a using habit to detox to rehab. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 844-639-8371.

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