What Are 5 Life Skills You Might Learn in Drug Rehab?

One of the advantages of attending a rehab program is the fact that you will learn a number of life-changing skills during your time there. Yes, getting clean by going through detox will be the very first step once you check-in, but the next step will be learning how to cope without the crutch of drug use in your life.

What are five life skills you might learn in drug rehab? Read on to find out!

1. Learn how to manage stress

Yes, the recovery process itself will be a stressful time. However, there will always be stress in your life, so it is important to learn what to do to manage it when it happens. Being stressed out is a huge trigger to some people when it comes to drug use, so knowing what to do to avoid a relapse will be a valuable skill you will learn in rehab. You may participate in various meditation exercises when you are in rehab, such as guided meditation, yoga, acupuncture, or mindfulness. Your therapist will talk with you to pinpoint the main triggers that cause you to become stressed out. From there, he or she will help you come up with ways to deal with them when they occur so you don’t fall back into drug or alcohol use.

2. Learn how to build healthy relationships

Unfortunately, family and friends are often the ones that are hurt when their loved one is addicted to drugs. One very important life skill that will be taught in rehab is how to rebuild relationships with the people you may have hurt or wronged in the past. Your family and friends were likely hurt and betrayed during the worst of your addiction, so you’ll want to work hard to earn back their trust. You will also learn how to let toxic relationships go, especially the ones that revolved around your drug and alcohol abuse. You need to learn how to avoid the unhealthy relationships that enabled your drug use in the first place.

3. Learn how to follow a budget

You may have no idea how to follow a budget once you are out of rehab. After all, most of your money likely went to the drug of your choice before you decided to get clean. Learning responsible money management is an important life skill for everyone but more so for a person who is recovering from their addiction. You’ll learn how to budget properly for the following things:

• Rent or mortgage
• Utilities
• Car payment and insurance
• Homeowner’s insurance
• Groceries
• School needs
• Child care
• Savings

4. Learn healthy habits

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol will take a toll on the body. You likely didn’t care about what drugs were doing to you while you were addicted, so now is the time to learn the healthy habits that will help you feel better day by day! You’ll learn how to go to bed at a good hour and wake up earlier than you are used to. Next will be how to take care of your body by showering or bathing regularly, brushing and flossing every day, taking care of your hair, and dressing for the weather. You’ll also learn what to eat to keep your body and mind healthy while avoiding the foods that can be terrible for your body.

5. Learn how to live

Once you are done with rehab, you’ll be out on your own again. You’ll learn how you can reduce the boredom that caused you to use drugs or alcohol in the past. Many rehabs teach their patients how to set up and follow an easy daily routine since structure is an important part of sobriety. You’ll be encouraged to pursue a hobby or passion once you are back in the real world. Your therapist will also talk to you about finding a job after rehab. It may be hard to go from rehab to work, but it will help you get back on track while keeping you sober. Many rehabs offer classes that teach patients tips on getting and holding a job, such as resume skills and interview tips. If working is out of the question for the moment, you may instead wish to look into a volunteering position to keep busy.

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