Reasons to Seek Substance Abuse Rehab Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Even if you know you have a drug problem, it can be very hard to reach out for help. Perhaps you’re embarrassed to admit your problem. You might be worried about losing your job. Maybe you think others will judge you if they find out. However, if you don’t get help, people are most likely going to find out anyway. By then, you may have been arrested, which could definitely lead to the loss of your job. When you’re dealing with an addiction, trying to hide your problem is never the answer. Here are some reasons to seek substance abuse rehab before you hit rock bottom.

Protect family and personal relationships

No matter how much you try to hide it, people close to you know you have changed. If they’re not particularly savvy about the signs of drug abuse, they may not initially realize what the problem is, but they will know that it’s something serious.

People with addictions put their addictions first above family and friends. They tend to withdraw from them and shun family gatherings. Even very small children notice differences in a parent’s behavior. If you are honest with family and friends, you will find that they will be most supportive of you when you seek treatment. You will need this support to have the best chance for recovery and long-term sobriety. Seek help before you cause a permanent rift in the relationships with the people who matter most to you.

Protect your career and reputation

If you’re buying drugs illegally on the streets, you risk arrest every time you do it. An arrest of this nature is likely to be a felony. The same is true if you are committing crimes in order to get drug money. It’s even worse if you’re a medical professional who steals drugs from work. In addition to the high chance of arrest, you risk losing your license to practice. It won’t be so easy to get that license back, if you ever do.

You could lose your job and find yourself unable to find another. Just about every employer today does a pre-employment background check before they will hire you. Any arrests you have had will be discovered. This makes finding a decent job very difficult. Why should the employer take a chance on you when there are other applicants with clean records?

Protect your finances

Drugs are expensive. Few people earn enough money to afford to buy them on a regular basis. Even if they do, this is money that should be saved or used for important things, not spent on drugs. People who don’t earn enough to buy drugs may spend money earmarked for rent or food or other basic necessities on drugs. They may borrow money they can’t pay back, destroying their credit ratings. Drug use can ruin your financial future.

Protect your life, body and brain

Drug overdoses are rampant. It’s foolish to think that a fatal drug overdose can’t happen to you. It can happen to anyone. Drugs alter the normal function of the brain. This kind of deranged brain chemistry can result in symptoms like depression, paranoia and withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit or have no access to your drug of choice. You cannot live a normal life like this. If you seek help as early as possible, you will minimize any drug-induced brain and body damage.

If you’re addicted to benzodiazepines or alcohol, you need to know that withdrawal from these drugs can be life-threatening. This is because there is a risk of seizures and lung aspiration of stomach contents, which can be fatal. In order to safely withdraw from these substances, you need a medically supervised detox.

Protect the lives of others

If you’re abusing drugs, particularly alcohol, then there are going to be times when you operate a vehicle even though you shouldn’t. Alcohol impairs judgement and slows reaction times. Even a little alcohol can make you an unsafe driver. Think how you would feel if you caused an accident while you were driving while intoxicated. What if someone were severely injured? What if someone died? In many states, you could be and probably would be charged with some type of manslaughter. You would have to live with the guilt of what you did for the rest of your life. Seek help before you continue to risk the lives of your children, family, friends other people on the road.

If you know you need help and you’re ready to take the first step towards recovery, you can call us at 844-639-8371 24 hours a day. We are professional drug counselors. We help people find the right kind of rehab services. Just give us a call anytime. A member of our staff will take your call and help you find the best treatment options for you.

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