If I Am Over 18, Will My Parents Know That I Went To Detox?

Becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs is a serious problem. If it is one you are dealing with, you’ll want to go to a reputable detox program as soon as possible. While it is technically possible to detox on your own, addiction experts will never advise it. For one thing, detoxing from certain substances can take a great toll on the body, especially alcohol. You should always be under the constant supervision of a medical professional while you are detoxing. Additionally, it is important to be in a “safe space” when you detox. Being around drugs or alcohol while you are trying to quit can and will trigger you to use again. Getting away from the stresses of life, even for just a few days to a week, will help you get clean much quicker.

If you are 18 and considering detox, congratulations! However, you may have a few questions you would like to know the answer to before you begin. For example, will the facility inform your parents that you went to detox? Let’s look into this question and more below.

How you are protected during detox

Millions of people enter detox programs every year. Luckily, as an adult, your health care is protected under HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This protection extends to addiction care, including detox. You’ll be asked to sign various papers when you wish to attend detox, including papers relating to HIPAA. HIPAA is in place to protect your identifiable health information, including the following:

• Data concerning your physical health
• Date concerning your mental health
• Costs associated with any care you receive
• Your identity, including your social security number

Above all, HIPPA allows you to keep your health care a secret from family, friends, and co-workers. No one can access your medical records without your consent. Just remember, your doctors will usually be permitted to discuss your treatment with treatment teams, operations centers, and billing departments. If you have any questions about the forms you are filling out, don’t be afraid to ask. The detox center will be happy to help you understand what you are signing.

Will your parents know?

As we stated above, no one should be given access to your medical records without your knowledge. This means your parents cannot find out if you are a patient in a detox center if you wish to keep it a secret from them. However, whether they will or won’t find out is a broad question that has many different answers. This is especially true if you are still living with them. Let’s look at why they may find out you’re going through detox.

You are on their insurance plan- If you are still on your parent’s health insurance plan and are planning to use it for detox services, there is a good chance they will see information on the program at some point. They may receive a bill in the mail from their insurance carrier or even just an itemized list of the detox services you received.

You need help paying the center- If you need help paying for treatment, your parents may be the only option you have. You may need to tell them you need money for detox.

They wonder where you are- Not everyone is comfortable lying about their whereabouts. If you have to go to detox for a couple of days, you may want to be truthful about what you are doing.

Should you tell your parents?

If you are over the age of 18 and not living at home, it is much easier to go to detox without your parents finding out. It is a very personal choice that only you can make. For many addicts, family support is a crucial part of the recovery process. Unfortunately, not everyone has the type of support they need from their parents. If this is the case, you may want to keep your whereabouts a secret. If you need help deciding what to do, talk to a trusted friend, co-worker, or family member. They may be able to give you advice on how to handle the situation. The detox center will also help you understand the privacy laws in place if you wish to keep your detox experience a secret.

Help is available at our center

When you are ready to go to detox, whether your parents know or not, our center is ready to help. Please contact us today at 844-639-8371. We’ll help you decide what is best for your situation and what you can do to get the treatment you need.

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