How To Get 90 Days Of Rehab

When you start thinking about going into rehab, you’ll likely consider the length of the stay. Residential treatment can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Research continuously shows that the longer you stay in rehab, the better chance you will not relapse when you’re out. Staying in a detox and rehab center for a full three months will give you the best chance of beating your addiction and handling the stresses of everyday life.

However, how do you get the full 90-days of rehab? Will it be worth it? What are the pros and cons of staying for 90-days? Let’s keep reading to find out.

The Pros of a 90-Day Stay

While it is possible to get the care you need from a shorter stay, being in rehab for the whole 90-day program will help you more in the long run. Let’s look at the pros:

You’ll have the chance to focus on your recovery for a longer period of time. During the first couple of weeks of rehab, the main focus will be on detox. You may be feeling mild to severe withdrawal symptoms during this time, leaving you unfocused and distracted for days or weeks. When you are finally feeling better, you won’t have a lot of time to focus on the learning portion of the program. With a 90-day rehab stay, you can easily take part in the treatment options for more than two months.

You’ll take this time to master the skills you need to stay sober once you are outside of the center. While short-term rehab programs can and do work, you’ll have much more time to learn the skills you need while you are in a 90-day facility. This includes interpersonal relations, exercising personal discipline, and mending family relationships. With more practice, you’ll be better prepared to face your triggers once you are back in the real world. You’ll have the knowledge and wisdom to succeed.

Staying in a 90-day facility gives you the chance to stay away from your old lifestyle and triggers. Sometimes, a couple of weeks or even a month isn’t enough time to get away from the things that are stressing you out in life. A 90-day, long-term rehab stay will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself as you learn to live without substances. In many cases, it also gives your family time to relax without worrying about you constantly.

Getting a 90-Day Stay

If you are considering a 90-day rehab stay, you’ll have to take the steps to get with the program of your choice. The first factor will depend on you and your obligations. Consider the following questions if you want to enter a 90-day program:

• Can you get off of work? Are you able to take the time off that you need with no repercussions? Talk to human resources or your boss to find out what type of program your company offers. The Family Medical Leave Act may provide you with the time you need to attend a longer program. If you can’t get the time off that you need, you may just have to consider other options.

• Can you get help with your responsibilities? If you take care of minor children or an elderly family member, you’ll have to make sure they are taken care of for a full three months. Start planning what you will do to get your responsibilities in order while you are dealing with a 90-day rehab stay. This also includes any pets you own.

• Does insurance pay for rehab? If you have health insurance, talk to a representative about what they cover. Some policies will only cover part of a rehab stay while others cover it all. If you need additional help, start looking into supplemental ways to cover the remaining costs of rehab that your insurance won’t cover.

• Find the right rehab. You’re going to be there for three solid months, so make sure the rehab you choose is the right one for your situation. Ask to take a tour of the facility before you go. Find out what kind of care they offer. Do the therapy options fit your specific needs? Will you be monitored during detox? Don’t be scared to ask as many questions as you can before you sign on the dotted line.

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