How long are Florida rehabs?

Going to rehab in Florida is one of the most important things you will ever do in life. Rehab offers a chance to overcome drug or alcohol addiction that has ruined many lives. The amount of time it takes to complete a rehab program varies because every situation is unique.

Medical professionals at the rehab center will assess how long you or your loved one have had an addiction, the type of substance consumed and the kind of support needed. Your time in a Florida rehab will be as long as necessary to achieve the desired results. Whether the program is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or longer, it is worth every minute.

The purpose of rehab is to rid your body of addictive substances and teach you how to maintain sobriety after leaving the program. Some people choose outpatient services to minimize the amount of time they must dedicate to the process. Inpatient services are more beneficial because they give your brain the time it needs to heal and are generally more effective. While inpatient rehab lasts longer, you have access to amenities that make completing the program more comfortable. Inpatient rehab will sometimes provide a holistic approach to healing that many patients appreciate. Holistic therapies are often an added benefit.

Understanding the Length of Rehab Stays

Rehab requires you to examine many areas of your life, and it is not always easy. Trying to process the past over a short timeframe will not likely produce the results you want. Often the detoxification process is completed in a short period. It is usually therapeutic activities that require the most time. After uncovering your triggers, behavior therapies can help you change your responses to stressful situations using the various coping mechanisms learned. Here are examples of support activities commonly provided in rehab centers that last longer:

  • Individual counseling
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Experiential therapy

Medical professionals orchestrate the detox process carefully to prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Medication is often required, and some will prolong the rehab process. A qualified team will guide you through the process and monitor your symptoms. Some of the medications administered during rehab can help prevent relapse during the period that it is most common.

Uncovering Causes of Addiction

You must dedicate an appropriate amount of time to understanding what caused your addiction. Not taking time to uncover the causes can lead to the same problems down the road. A short rehab will not likely provide the time needed to understand root causes and find ways to address those issues. The causes of addiction are often deeply rooted. Some addicts have a family history of addiction caused by trauma and mental health struggles. Sometimes the root cause is a stressful job or damaged relationships. You owe yourself the time it takes to understand what happened. Trained therapists provided in long-term rehab programs can help you with complex struggles that you may not be able to handle on your own. People with a severe addiction often require more time to unpack the past. It is an opportunity that many wish they could have but don’t know is available. It’s also a time to establish a strong aftercare plan. Handling treatment right the first time will reduce the chances of relapse.

Ensuring a Safe Environment

Rehab is a place where you can safely receive the treatment you need for recovery. Trained staff foster a comfortable environment where you can fulfill the program requirements. Trying to overcome addiction at home alone or in an outpatient program is not usually as accommodating. Being in a sober environment significantly increases your chances of maintaining sobriety.

There are rules of conduct that benefit everyone, and you must follow them at all times. You will be happy you did. Being in a safe environment where you can also interact with others can help you through the process. Though your focus must be on completing the program successfully, it is common for peers in rehab to encourage each other because they know firsthand what it’s like to go through addiction. It can make you feel less alone. Many rehab centers have fun activities that involve other participants.

You don’t have to isolate yourself during the rehabilitation process. It can be a journey of growth that makes room to inspire others going through the same thing. Call us today at 844-639-8371 for information about rehabs in Florida. We can provide the information you need for yourself or your loved one.

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