How Is Holistic Drug Rehab Different for Every Individual?

Millions of American adults are affected by Alcohol or substance abuse every year in the United States. Addiction is a complicated disease that affects everyone uniquely, either physically, emotionally or both. Some of them opt for treatment but may end up falling back into temptation, even after completing the standard traditional treatment.

In the traditional approach to treating addiction, there is no individualized program. On admission, you are required to go through lectures, group therapy, and AA twelve-step meetings, after which you are discharged to resume your activities of daily life. In most cases, these traditional programs take 28-30 days. Due to the lack of a personalized and customized approach for each individual to overcome their addiction, a high percentage of people find themselves relapsing within a year after discharge. That is why it is essential to follow a holistic rehab process to achieve overall recovery and minimize the chance of relapsing to addiction.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

The holistic approach to addiction treatment takes into account the spiritual, emotional, and mental state of an individual, along with the physical state of their body. It includes both non-medical and medical treatment approaches. Some of the methods applied in holistic treatment eliminate the need to take prescription drugs for individuals to overcome drug and substance abuse.

Unlike the traditional methods of rehabilitation, Holistic treatment doesn’t focus solely on the physical symptoms of addiction. They are, however, not ignored completely; instead, physical therapies are synchronized with medically assisted detox and other traditional forms of treatment for the best results. <h2>Elements of Holistic Addiction Treatment</h2>Each of the non-medical and medical approaches used in holistic treatment presents specific results and benefits to those in treatment. Some of the most common holistic therapies include;

• Art therapy
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Tai chi
• Massage therapy
• Acupuncture
• Mindfulness therapy
• Massage therapy
• Nutritional therapy

Art therapy is aimed at assisting individuals in finding healthy ways to deal with their physical and emotional challenges. It involves drawing, painting, and other forms of art. It helps to discourage the people who are in recovery from turning back to alcohol and substance abuse, in case these challenges re-emerge. Exercise is essential for engaging the body in physical activities. It is not only crucial for physical health but also aids in improving mental and emotional health.

Meditation and mindfulness therapy are incorporated into the program to assist those who are taking the treatment to become aware of the moment. They are encouraged to focus on the present rather than the painful memories of the past. Massage therapy and acupuncture help recovering individuals in relieving physical pressure and stress. The other treatments, such as yoga and acupuncture, also aid in addressing and dealing with the underlying causes of addiction.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

A combination of traditional addiction therapies and holistic treatments helps to achieve long term results. One of the most significant benefits of holistic addiction treatment is that it utilizes a highly individualized approach. Since each individual is unique, the best approach is one that addresses the specific needs of that person. Additionally, holistic treatments are conducted in a compassionate and caring environment. Feeling safe and secure encourages impacted individuals to become open and embrace healing.

Because of the wide range of treatment options available in holistic treatments, individuals can get custom treatments based on their desires and needs. They also have access to follow up and aftercare programs such as group counseling, outpatient treatment, and individual therapy. This further encourages long-term results.

As you would do with any other rehabilitation program, it is essential to evaluate a holistic addiction rehabilitation program to ensure that it is the right one for you. Ensure that you carefully look into the treatment options offered to determine the ones that suit your needs best. The duration of the program is another crucial factor. You want to ensure that you can find a program length that you are comfortable with. Other factors to consider beforehand include; the location of the program, the price points, and whether the facility is accredited.

Unlike the traditional forms of therapy, holistic addiction therapy works to uncover the underlying causes of addiction and heal them. It enables individuals who are suffering from drug and substance addiction to reconnect with their emotions and spirituality. This treatment method also focuses on the overall well-being of the body, replacing pharmaceutical medicines with natural alternative treatments and herbal medicine where possible. With holistic addiction treatment, you can be confident that the treatment you are receiving targets your needs as an individual and focuses on making you a holistically better person upon recovery. Ready to get started? Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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