How Intense Is A 28 Day Rehab Program

Deciding to get help can be one of the hardest decisions an alcoholic/addict can make. With so many methods of assistance out there, it can be hard to determine which method is right for you. How do you even know what kind of program you’re looking for?

You can either choose to do long-term or short-term treatment programs. Short-term options, such as the 28-day treatment program, are designed for those of you who may be a little reluctant to seek treatment. This article will explain what 28-day treatment is and how it may or may not be the right treatment option for you.

Why choose 28 days?

No one can tell you exactly how long it’ll take for you to get sober. That’s entirely up to you. When you’re looking into different types of treatment, the 28-day program comes up so much because it’s the most common program to get patients acquainted to the foundations of sobriety. Researchers speculate that 28 days is a good time frame for alcoholics/addicts who are getting clean for the first time. Also, the 28-day program is the most likely form of rehabilitation to be covered by your insurance.

The goal of the 28-day program is to help patients quickly get off whatever they’re on help them make goals for the future to keep them from going back to substance/alcohol abuse. If you have the desire, the 28-day treatment option will serve as a great stepping stone to the path of sobriety. Also, this program serves as a good introduction to outpatient care if you seek longer treatment.

How does the 28-day treatment program work?

The first step in a 28-day treatment program is detoxification or detox. Detox is a period of time to rid our body of any unhealthy substances. This process can take up to seven days to complete. Because of the short time you have to sit down with counselors, the program is designed to make you aware of how you started doing drugs or drinking. This treatment also allows patients to create goals and work out healthy ways to abstain from drugs/alcohol and the harmful patterns that led them in the first place.

Apart from detox, you’ll also undergo an assessment. This means that health professionals will get a detailed sense of your mental and physical needs so that you get the most of this program. From this assessment, these professionals will be able to determine what your withdrawal symptoms are, what type of therapy you need, and if longer treatment is necessary. Finally, you’ll participate in active therapy sessions both in a group and independently. From these sessions, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and will also be given the option of undergoing yoga, acupuncture, or any other therapeutic activity that will help with your recovery.

The advantages and disadvantages of the 28-day program.


  • This is ideal for people who are hesitant about getting help. It’s a good way to ease you into what rehabilitation treatment is like.
  • Because of the short time frame, this program will give you the constant support you need to remain sober.
  • The 28-day program the most common form of treatment to be covered by insurance.
  • It offers a quick detoxing process.
  • This program is a good alternative for those of you who do not want to commit to a longer treatment option.


  • The 28-day program may not offer everything that you need. Longer treatment may be required.
  • If you’ve gone through rehab multiple times with multiple relapses, the 28-day won’t be that helpful for you.
  • If you have a STRONG addiction, 28 days may not be enough time to kick the habit.
  • The first week of treatment is taken up by detox.

There is nothing wrong with getting help and the sooner you do so, the better your chances will be of staying sober. If you are someone you know is looking for a swift, helpful form of treatment, the 28-day treatment program may be the thing for you. There are 24-hour hotlines available to help you find a program that will tailor to your financial, mental, and physical needs.

If this is your first time seeking treatment, the 28-day program is the best step to getting you back on you’re feet. There’s no better day like today. What are you waiting for? Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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