How Can Rehab Help Perfectionists Reduce Their Anxiety and Need to Perform?

Many people think of perfectionists as people with high standards towards themselves and with huge goals to achieve. The truth is perfectionists are continually fighting with many issues. Perfectionism goes hand in hand with addiction. If you are struggling with perfectionism, this article is handy. The perfectionists are characterized by continuous endeavors to be flawless.

Consequently, they end up setting high standards that are followed by self-evaluation and expressing concern on what others think of them. From the look, this mightn’t appear harmful. However, the profound reality is that perfectionism is always built on an intense fear of not being good enough. So, how can a rehab help perfectionist reduce their anxiety and need to perform?

By Helping Them Learn to Recognize Perfectionism

This is a vital step in overcoming perfectionism. First, they need to identify they have the problem. There is nothing wrong with high standards, but if it gets extreme, they can hinder you from achieving even the least.

If you have problems identifying if you have the problem, you can consider answering some questions:

-Do you experience some problems trying to meet your target?
-Do you feel frustrated if you don’t meet your target?
-Have you ever been told your standards are too high?

If you are giving a yes answer to such questions, indeed, you are a perfectionist. Perfectionism affects how you think, feel, and behave. The rehab centers can help them set realistic goals and write them down on cue cards. They should carry them and refer to them whenever they have a hard time thinking about their goals.

Helping Them to Be Realistic

As a perfectionist, you tend to be critical about yourself. Therefore, one of the effective ways is helping them set realistic goals. Realistic goals accompanied by helpful statements are a great idea. By practicing it openly, you will be able to turn to positive and practical thoughts that would eventually become a habit that will help counter negative self-talk.

Taking Another Perspective

As a perfectionist, you will find it hard to view things from the people’s perspective. Often, they find it hard thinking about how other people might see a solution to a given issue. Therefore, the rehab centers can encourage them to see things from the perspective of others and do away with the beliefs they so strongly cling to.

Getting a Bigger Picture

People with perfectionism happen to get bogged down in efforts to get fine details, and they are worried about so many things. Therefore, to solve this problem, they would need to worry less. The rehab centers can help them learn to identify things that matter most to them.

Reaching a Compromise

It helps deal with goals that are not realistic. Compromise should entail assisting the perfectionist to be more flexible and realizing what is achievable at the moment.

Working on The Perfectionist Behavior

Being a perfectionist means dealing with the fear of failing to meet specific goals. Such individuals get so worried about making mistakes. Therefore, facing such fears in a gradual way would be the most effective way of dealing with the problem. The rehab centers can help them overcome the fear of anxiety and failure to perform by encouraging them to do the same things gradually to make mistakes and come out as imperfect. Also, it would be helpful if you would avoid engaging in excessive behaviors meant to prevent imperfection.

Overcome procrastination

Many individuals with perfectionist behavior tend to fight the fear of making a mistake by procrastinating. When you have perfectionist behavior, you tend to find it easy to procrastinate rather than carry out a task and make a mistake. Rehabs can help them cope with this challenge by assisting them in creating realistic schedules and setting their priorities right.

Teach Them to Reward Themselves

It calls for handwork to fight your fears and start doing things differently. Therefore, it would be necessary if you set some rewards for the work you do. Give yourself a treat once in a while. The treat should motivate you to do things on time.

Bottom line

The link between addiction and perfectionism is strong. However, with the help of compassionate and experienced counselors, you can easily overcome perfectionism. It calls for living a life of acceptance and loving oneself. It is a deliberate move you have to make and start working towards getting the sober life you desire. Admitting isn’t easy, but you can always ask for help that will make a difference. If you are struggling with perfectionism and addiction and you are ready to started with treatment, our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 844-639-8371.

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