Do All Alcohol Rehab Centers Provide the Same Services?

Alcoholism is a disease that runs rampant in the lives of millions of individuals each year in the US alone. Overcoming an addiction to alcohol is never easy as the substance has the ability to trigger both psychological and physical addiction symptoms. Understanding different types of rehab centers that focus on treating alcohol addiction is essential before choosing a facility or treatment program that is most suitable for you.

When you are thinking of seeking treatment for an addiction to alcohol it is important to distinguish the difference between both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Not all rehabilitation facilities provide similar treatment options. With a complete understanding of the available addiction resources near you, choose a center that is welcoming and fitting for your needs throughout your journey to recovery.

Inpatient VS. Outpatient Rehab Centers for Alcohol Addiction

There are multiple types of rehab programs and treatment centers available for those who are suffering from alcohol addiction. Inpatient treatment facilities require you to live on the premises of the center itself throughout the entire duration of your program. Most inpatient treatment programs range from 30, 60, and 90 days depending on the individual’s needs and the type of treatment provided at the location of your choice. Outpatient rehab programs do not require you to live in a designated facility or center while completing your treatment.

While there are intensive outpatient programs that allow you access to hospitals and other centers during your treatment, most outpatient solutions involve both group meetings and individual counseling sessions. Outpatient treatment solutions are optimal for those who already have a major support group and for those who are capable of maintaining their everyday responsibilities while holding a steady job.

Inpatient Care Services

Inpatient program services vary by location but often include similar structures. Some of the most common types of inpatient care you may receive upon enrolling in a program for alcohol addiction includes:

  • Intake and Diagnosis (Dual Diagnosis is often necessary if you are struggling with mental health issues in addition to your addiction to alcohol)
  • Medically Monitored Detox: Monitored detox is imperative if you have a serious and severe addiction to alcohol. Alcohol has the ability to trigger adverse effects on the body during withdrawal, especially if your body is physically addicted to the substance.
  • Individual Therapy Sessions: Meet one-on-one with a certified therapist or counselor who specializes in alcohol addiction. Learn to discuss your addiction while working towards discovering the root cause of your addiction and how to overcome it.
  • Group Counseling: Meet with other individuals who are also enrolled in the inpatient program you are in. Get to know the stories of others while learning more about their addiction to alcohol. Free yourself from the burden of feeling isolated, alone, shamed, and judged when getting to know others in your inpatient treatment program.

Outpatient Program Services

While not all outpatient programs are the same, they typically focus on group and individual meetings to provide the necessary support for those who want to remain sober and free from alcohol. Some of the most common outpatient treatments include:

  • Weekly/Monthly Meetings: Meet with others in your outpatient rehab program for moral support while checking in as you remain sober. Learn to share your story while remaining open and honest with others who can relate to you.
  • Therapy and Counseling: Meet with certified therapists who specialize in overcoming addiction on a regular basis. Share obstacles and challenges you face to learn how to better overcome them.

How to Choose the Right Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction

Choosing the right rehab center for your alcohol addiction greatly depends on your needs individually. If you have a severe addiction to alcohol that has interfered with your work, responsibilities, and relationships, an inpatient center may be right for you. If you have only recently begun drinking more than usual, consider an outpatient treatment program to regain control over your life again.

Understanding what both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment centers offer is imperative before enrolling in a program that is optimal for your needs. Once you become familiar with the local alcohol rehab centers near you and the type of treatment programs they offer, choose a facility that you feel comfortable with and confident in on your journey to sobriety. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 844-639-8371 for more information and to discover which alcohol rehab center is right for you and the future you envision for yourself today.

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