Can My Kids Visit Me During Private Drug Treatment?

Making the decision to check into a private drug treatment center will be one that you will always be grateful for. It’s never too late to go to rehab, and checking into a private facility can help you every step of the way. While it is a difficult step for anyone, being a parent can often make this particular decision much harder. This is especially true if you are the parent of young who don’t quite understand how addiction works.

You may be ready to take the plunge and go to rehab. However, it’s completely normal to have some questions you want answered first. For example, can my kids visit me during private drug treatment? Keep reading to find out more!

Inpatient or Outpatient Program?

Your first choice when you enter a private drug treatment center will be which type to go into. The two main choices for rehab centers are inpatient and outpatient. If you are unable to attend a program day and night, then you should look for an outpatient center that works around your schedule. If this is your choice, you won’t have to worry about whether your children can visit or not. However, an outpatient program may include family therapy sessions from time to time. If this is the case, it’s important to include your children.

When you choose an inpatient program, you will be in the facility day and night. The length of the programs varies, but you can expect to be there for at least a couple of weeks. Some programs last for 60 days. During this time, you will likely want to see your children when you can.

When Can Kids Visit?

If you have decided to attend an inpatient rehab center, it may be a few weeks before your children can visit you. This is because it is important to fix your own issues before dealing with the rest of the outside world. Rehab is a time to detox and work on yourself, first and foremost. Once you have gone through detox successfully and are to the point of therapy, your counselor may suggest setting up family therapy sessions.

During family therapy, your children will be encouraged to visit you. Addiction can quickly destroy the family unit, especially for young children who don’t understand what is going on. Family therapy, while you are in rehab, will give everyone the chance to speak openly and honestly about their feelings. You’ll be in a safe, neutral setting with a professional counselor to monitor the meetings.

Your children may also be able to visit you during visitation hours if your rehab center has them. If you are worried about missing your children when you go into rehab, talk to different centers to find out what they offer. Just remember, most therapists will not recommend seeing family within the first couple of weeks of your program. This time is meant for you to detox and to start therapy.

What You Can Expect From Rehab

While every private drug treatment center is somewhat different, you can expect the same type of schedule from them all. First, you will go through detox if you are still using drugs or drinking alcohol. If you need medication to deal with the withdrawal symptoms you are feeling, the doctors at the facility will make sure that you get them. You’ll be closely monitored to make sure you are safely withdrawing from the drugs or alcohol in your system.

Therapy will always be a big part of the rehab process, no matter which facility you attend. This will include private, one-on-one counseling sessions to talk about your addiction. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk about any mental health issues you may have, such as depression or anxiety. You will spend time in group therapy sessions, usually every day of your stay. This allows you time to talk with like-minded individuals about your addiction.

Final Thoughts

We know how difficult it can be to make the decision to go into a private rehab facility. When you have children to worry about, it can be even harder to make that choice. We can help. Talk to our representatives to find out how our rehab works and what you can expect once you sign up. We want you to maintain a close relationship with your children while you are here, so we will do whatever we have to in order for that to occur. Call today at 844-639-8371 to find out more.

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