Can I Find Drug Help in Florida for My Son or Daughter?

You were so thrilled when your child was born. You had big hopes and dreams for their lives. But then, as they grew, they got involved with drugs or alcohol and became addicted. Can I find drug help in Florida for my son or daughter? Yes, support is available to enable your child to get off drugs and treat their alcoholism.

If you live on the east coast, treatment in Southern Florida enables your adult child to get out of town and away from their lives while they go through rehab. Yet, they’ll remain close enough to home for you to visit and to participate in their recovery if needed. To get a new start in life, having new surroundings will help your child achieve recovery.

The Steps to Addiction Recovery

The first step to getting free from any addiction remains to admit you or your child has a problem with drugs or alcohol misuse. Once the habit gets out in the open, your child can deal with the substance abuse’s surrounding issues. The first type of treatment most addicts usually experience remains detox.

Detoxing means that your child’s body will go through withdrawals from their substance of choice over some time. Certain substances make people extremely ill when withdrawal occurs. If your child has been on narcotics, alcohol, or other chemicals for some time, they’ll need assistance to get the substance out of their system. An excellent detox program offers medical supervision to assist their patients in getting off alcohol and drugs with no dangerous physical effects.

Individual and Group Treatment Programs

After your child has completed the withdrawal process and is free from drugs and alcohol, they’ll go on to the next step. The second step of treatment remains attending group and individual counseling sessions. An evaluation is done to get to know your adult child’s needs. After an initial assessment, he or she then attend individual and group counseling sessions uniquely designed for their needs.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

During your child’s evaluations, it might be determined that your son or daughter uses drugs to mask the symptoms of mental health issues. At that point, they receive both addiction and mental health counseling. Also, if mental health medication can help your son or daughter’s recovery, a prescription drug might get prescribed.

The purpose of these medications remains to assist the individual in getting their mind straightened out, treating anxiety or other mental health symptoms, and getting the person in the right frame of mind to learn to live without their chemical of choice for a lifetime.

Individual Counseling

Each person in rehab needs individual counseling to deal with their specific and unique needs. Your counselor helps your child figure out why they initially got hooked on drugs. Next, the person in treatment learns triggers and refusal skills to help them avoid getting back into an addictive lifestyle.

Group Counseling

Group counseling occurs when you attend a small group that deals with addiction issues. One of the most famous of these groups is Alcoholics Anonymous and similar 12-Step groups.

The benefits of these groups remain numerous, and include:

  • Learning from others who struggle with addiction.
  • Getting to talk to others and admit that you have a problem.
  • Having a support system to help you in your recovery.

One of the best aspects of group counseling, such as a 12-Step group, remains that the support of such a group can continue long after you or your child has left a rehab facility.

Sober Living and Aftercare

Quite a few of the best rehabs offer sober living and aftercare to help their clients adapt to life without their addiction of choice. Sober living allows people to live in a group setting while they re-establish their careers or go back to school.

Aftercare can provide a client with additional support as a person goes back into their improved lives without chemical abuse.

Substance abuse help remains available for you or your adult child. We can help you find the appropriate place for your child to find the recovery they need to give them a high quality of life. If you’re ready to begin your new substance-free life, contact us right away at 844-639-8371 for more information.

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