Can I Continue to Go to School While I’m at a Treatment Center?

There seems to be a misconception that addiction treatment centers are posed as punishments because of the stereotype that individuals seeking treatment are only allowed to commit to bettering themselves while at a center away from drugs or alcohol. This is classified as a misconception because there are multiple types of treatment centers.

The ultimate purpose of addiction treatment centers is to improve the lives of recovering addicts in multiple ways. The ways in which addiction treatment centers improve these people’s lives aren’t only restricted to achieving a substance-free life. Achieveing a substance-free lifestyle involves more than simply removing you from environments where you have easy access to these harmful substances. More specifically, achieving this lifestyle requires a personal breakthrough. And your education about this lifestyle as well as achieving your goals for the future may be the motivation that’s needed for recovery.

Treatment at a rehabilitation center is not punishment, and treatment centers are focused on trying to help you obtain the healthy lifestyle you want on your own. Considering college students are in the experimentation stage of their lives, which includes finding out how they fit into the world, they’re also at risk of addiction because of their seemingly high levels of stress from being away from family members, being pressured with keeping their grades high, and being in the same location for practically 4 years. Addiction is highly possible for college students and treatment centers are aware that this can be problematic. Because of this, treatment centers and universities make it possible for you to continue to go to school while enrolled at a treatment center simultaneously. However, the ways in which you can continue to study differ, depending on what type of treatment you’re receiving.

Types of Treatment Centers

Typically, there are two types of treatment centers for rehabilitation, including inpatient treatment as well as outpatient treatment. They both have the ability to successfully assist recovering users in achieving their healthy lifestyle after treatment is complete. More specifically, inpatient treatment presents individuals with a more intensive treatment, and it’s designed for treating more serious addictions. They typically require that a recovering user resides at the facility where they have access to medical as well as emotional support 24/7. On the other hand, outpatient treatment requires recovering users to receive treatment on a part-time basis while having the ability to live at home with their families. Individuals that receive this type of treatment have access to a social support circle.

Education at Inpatient Treatment Centers

Because inpatient treatment centers require that recovering users reside at the facility, it may seem difficult for people wanting to continue their schooling to do so. But it is possible through multiple ways. As a more popular route, many universities and colleges offer online schooling or online classes for individuals that are enrolled. This allows recovering users to continue their education by taking online courses while simultaneously recovering from their addiction at the same time.

In addition to this option, it may also be possible for a recovering user to enroll themselves in a treatment center that specifically includes schooling within the rehabilitation process. This is convenient because individuals that want to begin the college process now have that opportunity. This may even provide recovering users with the extra motivation needed to work towards becoming clean and staying clean, since it gives them something to look forward to and it may give them direction in life after treatment.

Education at Outpatient Treatment Centers

Since outpatient treatment centers only require recovering users to attend treatments on a part-time basis, there is more time and flexibility for these individuals to continue on with their schooling. Individuals attending outpatient treatment centers have the ability to attend the university or college campus itself in order for them to continue their schooling. And in addition to continuing their schooling during the day at the university/college campus, these individuals will also be recovering from their addiction through receiving treatment procedures and attending support circles.

Overall, it may seem nearly impossible to recover from an addiction while continuing your education at the same time. But depending on the type of treatment that you receive for your addiction, it is highly possible as well as worth it to continue your schooling. Whether it’s by attending face-to-face classes at the university/college or by taking online classes through the university/college, you have the ability to improve your life by means of continuing education while attending your addiction treatment center. Call one of our counselors today at  844-639-8371.

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