Can an Addiction Treatment Center in Cape Coral Help with Detox?

If you’re from the Cape Coral area and are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be afraid to get sober because of the symptoms of withdrawal. Trying to get clean on your own or detoxing cold turkey can lead to relapse because the symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Aside from the discomfort you feel during withdrawal, withdrawing from certain substance can also be extremely dangerous. The good news is that an addiction treatment center in Cape Coral can help with detox so you can have a good start to your journey of recovery.

When you first go into the treatment program, you’ll go through a full evaluation so the staff can figure out the best detox plan for you. The symptoms of withdrawal are not only different depending on your primary substance of abuse, but it can be different for different people. By understanding how the detox process works at a qualified treatment facility, you’ll feel more comfortable getting the help that you need. Being in a treatment center will also help you begin the rehabilitation process so you can learn how to stay sober and never go through the detox process again.

Understanding Detox in Cape Coral

As you continued to abuse drugs or alcohol, your body has become dependent to the substances. The brain, body and nervous system don’t know what to do when you decide to quit drinking or using, or the symptoms of withdrawal can happen when you run out. You might be someone who is struggling with getting clean and sober because you’re in an endless cycle of avoiding the symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms of withdrawal vary depending on the substance, but some of the most common symptoms include the following:

  • Depression
  • Aches and pains
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

There are a wide range of both psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawal, but an addiction treatment program can help. When you go through the evaluation, the medical staff will provide an individualized detox program. They’ll also be there with you at all hours of the day to ensure that you’re both safe and comfortable. You’ll be working with doctors as well as a nursing staff who will be there to check your vitals and get you through the symptoms of withdrawal.

How Does a Qualified Treatment Center Help with Detox?

Many years ago, when you were going through the symptoms of withdrawal, there wasn’t much a treatment center could do for you. Today, we now have years of research in the field of addiction medicine, and there are a wide range of medications that can help decrease the symptoms of withdrawal. For example, medications like suboxone are used to help those who struggle with an opioid addiction. This medication works by helping to make the brain believe that you’re still using drugs, and you can gradually taper off so you can begin your recovery.

There are also those who choose to go through a more holistic method of detoxification, and this can be helpful as well. Some people don’t want to rely on new medications in order to go through detox, so there are other options. In treatment, you’ll learn how physical activity, a good diet, yoga and meditation can also help decrease the symptoms of withdrawal. While you may still receive some medications to help regulate your blood pressure and heart rate, you’ll learn holistic ways to recover that can also help you in your sobriety.

Detox is the First Step

Getting sober by going through detox is only the first step in the process, and if you hope to stay sober and avoid withdrawal in the future, you need to go through addiction treatment. Addiction treatment in Cape Coral provides you with individual as well as group therapy sessions that will help you understand why you turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. You will also learn that you’re not a bad person because of your addiction, but you’re someone who is struggling with a potentially fatal illness. Treatment is going to help you identify your triggers, and through the support of the treatment staff as well as others working on overcoming their addiction, you’ll see that it’s possible to live an incredible life in sobriety.

We’re an addiction treatment facility located in Southwest Florida, and we proudly serve the Naples and Fort Myers area. We specialize in drug and alcohol detox, and we also offer addiction treatment services, so give one of our counselors a call today at 844-639-8371 to begin your journey of recovery.

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