Can a Ft. Meyers Drug Rehab Help Me Let Go of the Past?

Thinking of a drug rehab program in Ft. Meyers, Florida? Letting go of the past, after detox from a substance is the great challenge that lies ahead. However, professional help and caring make it easier as you travel the road to a sober life. We offer both the help and the hope you need to let go of the past.

Your journey may begin with a customized plan for your recovery. You may undergo detox which will be medically supervised. Some of the stages of recovery from drug abuse require the following:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient recovery
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient recovery
  • Aftercare

You will begin with getting the drug or drugs out of your body through medical supervision of detox. After that or during it, therapy and counseling will be there to help you let go of the past.

Therapy Is Your Greatest Ally

Counselors that are trained and certified will be available. You may have sessions that revolve around CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help you discover the root cause of addiction. Being a victim is not valuable when overcoming past influences. Often, past trauma, such as physical or psychological abuse, has never been dealt with; therapy helps to get it out in the open where you can look at it and move forward.

Letting go of the past means getting rid of drugs, supplies and the influences that have brought you to a mental and physical place where rehab is needed. Being hard on yourself will not help, as you want to accept and grow as part of your recovery. Understand that as a human being you have made mistakes; don’t let them rule your life going forward.

Discovering Who You Are

You may participate in several kinds of therapy to help heal from past issues. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and other therapies may be used in addition to CBT, which has proven to be effective in overcoming addiction. Learning more about yourself and why addiction had a hold on you, will be helpful in letting go of the past and moving forward.

Getting rid of people, places and reminders of your drug past will be necessary. It may mean that you no longer take phone calls from your dealer cousin or refuse to meet with friends who represent a past way of life. Going forward acknowledges past mistakes and looks to the future with new life skills, learned from insights gained from therapy.

New Coping Skills

You will have to let go of the pain and begin to heal. Rehabilitation means that expectations may have to be adjusted, while facing a scary new you. Rehab will have taught you better ways to cope as you recover through innovative therapies and more. While in recovery, you may have experienced the excitement that comes from discovering nature and the outdoors, your physical strength, a talent for art or music and the beauty of everyday things. Coping through drugs is no longer an option, as there is much waiting to be discovered in your new life without drugs.

Perhaps you have joined in a group that focuses on drug addiction with weekly meetings or have experienced the emotional support of group therapy. New friends are possible as you meet people who have gone through a similar experience and have shared it with you and others. Don’t feel that you are alone; peers and trained counselors can assist you in moving forward in a life free of addiction and the mistakes of the past. Through rehab you will uncover the trauma and hurt that may have caused you to abuse drugs. It will be the basis for going forward into forgiveness of yourself and others, while refusing to be the victim. A happier life is possible when you can truly let go of the past while realizing that you are not perfect. Rehab can give you the gift of self-acceptance.

Why be held back by habits from your past? It may be time to let go of the mistakes you made in your life and move forward towards a brighter and more positive future. Drug rehab in Ft. Meyers, Florida offers a beautiful relaxing climate and caring professionals to help you to sobriety and a more fulfilling life. Call us at 844-639-8371; our counselors are available 24/4 to assist in your journey towards recovery.

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