Can a 28 Day Rehab Program Help if I Can’t Take More Time Off Work?

One of the best things an addict can do is to get the professional help that is so important to their recovery. Addiction is a terrible disease that tears apart families and relationships every single day. If you are ready to take that giant, important step to get clean, congratulations! However, you’ll be faced with many choices and decisions on your way there.

Not everyone can take months at a time off from work to go to rehab. This is an issue that many addicts unfortunately face day after day. You may be wondering whether a 28-day rehab program will work for you if you are unable to take any more time off from your job. The answer is yes- read on to learn why it will.

Any time being sober is helpful

A 28-day rehab will help you stay sober for at least the time you are in there. Sure, you never know what is going to happen when you get out, but 28-days is much better than not trying at all. You’ll be in a safe environment for that time, dealing with issues you may not have had the chance to tackle before. You’ll receive the full attention of a plethora of nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors, and support staff during your time in rehab. You’ll also make new friends along the way.

Not everyone can take even 28-days off

It may not seem like a lot, but many addicts do not even get the chance to take off work for almost a month. They may have the type of job that doesn’t give them vacation time or any time to take care of their health. In fact, some people cannot even let on that they need rehab for fear of being terminated. Many of them are limited to rehab on the weekends or at various times throughout the week when work won’t get in the way. Being able to take 28-days off may be just the time you need to get sober for good, so take what you can get from work.

You’ll get through detox much easier

If you check into a 28-day rehab, you will have access to the best detox services. Even though it won’t be longer than a month, going through detox within a safe, controlled environment with medical intervention may be the step you need to getting and staying clean. Many addicts have a hard time going through detox on their own and need professional help, which you will receive in rehab. Take advantage of the supervised, medical detox services they have in place while you are there.

You’ll have access to multiple therapy sessions

Once you are well enough for therapy, you will have the chance to partake in a number of sessions. Rehab centers offer one-on-one counseling, dual diagnosis, and group therapy for all of their clients. Depending on the clinic, some even offer family therapy sessions if and when you are ready. A 28-day stay may not seem like a lot, but it is plenty of time to take advantage of therapy. You’ll have plenty of time to learn your triggers and to discuss any underlying conditions that are causing you to use.

You can take part in other treatments

Many 28-day clinics offer natural therapy solutions for their clients. You may be able to enjoy acupuncture, massage, yoga, and outdoor therapy during your stay. Some clinics even offer equine therapy, mindfulness workshops, spirituality groups, and more. Holistic therapy is now a huge part of many rehab centers and one you may enjoy even if you are there for less than a month. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the classes and sessions a rehab center offers.

You can take part in aftercare services

Once you are through with the first 28-days you will be guided towards various aftercare services. You can still go to your job while partaking in additional therapy sessions, AA or NA meetings, or counseling. There are many programs that work around all work schedules, so you will always be able to find the program or programs that work best for you. Remember, rehab doesn’t just end when your program does- it is a lifelong commitment.

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