Are There Group Therapy Sessions in Sober Living Homes?

When traditional treatment centers don’t work for an individual either due to their budget, working needs, or simply their time, they might opt for a sober living house in order to achieve sobriety. Sobering living homes are different from rehab centers in that they do not typically require you to stay there for a set number of days. Most choose to stay a sober living home after they’ve gone through rehab because it helps them transition into a real-world setting easier.

Because they’re coming from rehab, they might expect some of the same factors in a sober living house that they had in rehab. This isn’t always the case. One such factor is group therapy sessions. For many addicts, group therapy is a network of support that they often rely on to maintain their sobriety. Having that group therapy to bolster them is important.

As such, they might wonder if group therapy sessions are a part of living in a sober house. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. It depends a lot on what the sober living home provides specifically. At their very root, they are supposed to be transitory. They’re a mere transition step for addicts coming out of rehab or for those who need a place to stay outside of a bad environment.

Some form of therapy might exist within the sober living home. However, it’s best that you speak to the sober living home directly and ask what they provide for those who stay in their residences. In the event that the sober living home does offer group therapy sessions, then you might want to know what you can expect from them.

Sober Living Homes

First, it’s important to understand what a sober living home is. This term is given to a residence that provides lodging, support, and additional services to those who have either left rehab or for those who are seeking treatment but need a place to stay away from their triggers or an environment that encourages drug use. Most commonly, they’re filled with those who have completed rehab.

Their purpose is to give those individuals an additional step to transition into the real world. Some former addicts may be plunged back into an environment where drug use is common and expected. These addicts need to find a new place to live in. That can take time. The sober living home can be their residence until they’re able to find a new home somewhere that’s free of drugs and the sort of environment that leads to drug use.

In some cases, a person had to leave their home in order to escape the environment of drug use. Once they leave rehab, they don’t have a home or even a place of work. Some sober living homes can help with finding employment though not all offer these services. Yet they are eager to help those in the home move on to their next step in life. They do this while providing them with all the support that they need to maintain their sobriety.

Group Therapy and Sober Living Homes

For some sober living homes, they might encourage the members of the residence to form a group for therapy. It may be left to the residents, themselves, to guide and keep the therapy going in a group setting. Other times it may be more official with a therapist leading the group.

Or sober living homes might help a former addict find group therapy outside of the residence. There are many group therapies throughout the country that are meant to be a place of support for recovering and recovered addicts. A sober living home might be able to point the resident in the right direction to join one.

Group therapy is an important part of maintaining sobriety. It keeps a person responsible and accountable for their actions. It also helps them receive support, advice, motivation, and inspiration when they’re able to speak with others who are struggling alongside them. Even if the sober living home doesn’t provide group therapy itself, you should still try to find a group for yourself.

Finally, a sober living home might offer other forms of therapy besides group therapy. You might one of these other methods work better than, or as good as, group therapy.

Find the Right Sober Living Home

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