Are There Any Other People In My Life Who Can Help Me Stay Clean?

No one should try to stay sober without seeking out help. Even before you get sober, you might already have people fighting in your corner as they host interventions and try to talk you into going to rehab. Yet, it is also possible that you don’t feel like you have much support for getting clean, especially if you’ve been hiding your addiction from the people who are the closest to you. Figuring out if there any other people in your life who can help you stay clean is a helpful step on your journey to sobriety, and you’ll find the help you need to do so by exploring the answers to a few simple questions.

What Makes a Strong Sober Support Network?

The first thing you’ll want to think about is what it really means for someone to help you stay clean. Sure, you could technically rely on a probation officer to give you regular drug tests to scare you straight, and this strategy is helpful for some people. However, it is better to begin building a network of support that includes multiple people from several key areas who can all work together to help you manage your addiction.

Here are just a few types of people that you might want to include in your sober network to help you start finding people in your life that you can connect with now.

  • Family members who support your desire to stay sober •Friends who are also committed to sobriety
  • Professional counselors and therapists
  • Group therapy and after care sponsors

As you think about the people that you want to include in your support network, try to remember that just because someone is your friend or family member doesn’t always mean that they are the best person to help you stay sober. For now, you might need to step away from people that you’ve used drugs with both currently and in the past.

While you might not be able to take a total break from certain family members, it may still be necessary to put some distance between you and them while you get stronger in your recovery, if they refuse to avoid using drugs or drinking around you now.

How Can You Be Your Biggest Supporter?

You might have noticed that there is still one key person left off that list that can help you stay clean, and that is yourself. Only you can truly be the one who chooses not to use drugs or alcohol. Right now, it might be hard to see yourself as the strongest person in your sober network, but you are and will be even better as you work through your treatment program.

Drugs and alcohol have a disturbing ability to break down your self-esteem. You might have made some sketchy decisions while you were under the influence, and this can make you question your ability to stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle. But, you’ll find that making healthier decisions is easier when you are sober. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll gradually feel your self-esteem start to rise as you work with your treatment team. Eventually, you’ll be so proud of how far you’ve come that you’ll be able to resist temptation.

How Do You Find Sober Support In Recovery?

During your time in rehab, you’ll be surrounded by so many people who are committed to helping you stay clean that you won’t have to look far for help when you are dealing with a craving. While it would be nice to stay forever it that supportive atmosphere, you will eventually need to venture back out into the world. Before you leave rehab, you’ll work with your therapists to develop an after care plan that includes adding more people to your support network. Most people will need to continue to attend after care treatment that includes group and individual therapy.

There, you’ll continue to find counselors that play a supportive role in your adjustment to life at home. You will also meet other people who are also in recovery. Finding a mentor or sponsor who identifies with what you are going through adds an extra boost of support to your after care plan. Are you ready to start meeting people who value sobriety? We can connect you with a support team of addiction professionals who will help you get clean. Call us now at 844-639-8371.

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