Are the Mental Health Services at Alcohol Rehab Centers in Fort Meyers As Good As in Psychiatric Facilities?

Fort Meyers alcohol rehab centers have an impressive record on mental health services. Considering that up to 45% of people suffering from a substance abuse disorder also suffer from a mental health disorder, it’s no wonder that modern alcohol rehab centers have created a dual treatment approach. Years ago, before this connection was known, there might have been fewer mental health services within the walls of a detox, but in today’s world, Fort Meyers mental health services at an alcohol rehab center will rival those found at any psychiatric facility in the state or country.

If you are suffering from a known addiction to alcohol, you can benefit more from an alcohol rehab center than a psychiatric unit alone (even if you’re aware you have an existing mental disorder). The reason for this is simple. Almost all Fort Meyers alcohol rehab centers will staff professional psychiatrists and have a full treatment plan for mental health conditions as well. Getting treatment for both disorders at the same time is crucial.

Dual Diagnosis

Modern rehabs undertake something called dual diagnosis, or the effort to diagnose underlying mental disorders often manifested alongside substance abuse disorder. No matter what the initial addiction, good psychiatric services can shed light on any underlying mental disorder and pave the way for dual diagnosis and then treatment. Take this example:

  • 35 year old patient acknowledges history of alcoholism
  • Has had suggestions in the past that they might also have bipolar disorder
  • Staff is advised to monitor for signs of underlying mental disorders
  • Psychiatrist schedules inpatient interviews with this 35 year old

This situation is primed for a dual diagnosis success story. The patient already has obvious alcoholism, so the rehab center can begin a treatment regimen for this, but they also have the knowledge that the patient has a psychiatric history, albeit with no official diagnosis. During this patient’s stay in a rehab center, they can be monitored for signs of underlying mental disorder and potentially even be diagnosed. Not only will they begin a serious recovery from substance abuse, but they’ve pinpointed a potential underlying reason for the abuse and can diagnose and begin treating that disorder, too.

Common Co-Existing Disorders

Any patient with addiction might have any co-existing mental disorder. There’s no set rule on exactly which mental disorders coincide with addiction. However, some disorders that rehabs will be more alert to include ADHD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. These are usually the most common disorders associated with alcoholism. Tragically, many other disorders also lead to substance abuse problems. Patients with mental disorders frequently try to deal with their psychic pain by drinking more or doing drugs. This further complicates both problems.

The psychiatric staff at an alcohol rehab center is just as trained and skilled in psychiatry as the staff at plain old psychiatric hospitals. Anyone with an existing mental disorder and substance abuse disorder is free to enter an alcohol rehab knowing that they’re going to get quality care for both disorders during their stay.

Finding Hope in Recovery

Alcoholics who have underlying mental disorders, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, might enter a rehab believing that the odds are stacked against them, that there isn’t as much hope for them as people who “just” have alcoholism or drug addiction disorder. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When someone takes the step of getting help in an inpatient Fort Myers facility, they are opening up a whole world of recovery before them. They are inventing their own hope. Keep in mind that anyone who seeks out help in these inpatient facilities can recover. Many people who thought they were hopeless found their lives full of hope just a few short months later. You or someone you love could be that next success story.

Inpatient alcohol rehab centers are fully capable of and good at helping people who have both mental disorders and substance abuse disorder. They are not limited in any way anymore in treating both problems at once. The additional convenience of being able to get help for both problems at once will be a burst of hope for recovering individuals as well. Just knowing that there is a place you can go where you’re safe from alcohol and surrounded by caring, highly skilled professionals will give you hope. If you’re ready to seek help for alcoholism and an underlying mental condition, we can help. Just call now at 844-639-8371.

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