Will You Be Judged at a Heroin Rehab Center?

I’m Michael, and I have a substance abuse problem. I turned to heroin when my prescription medication ran out because it was affordable and easy to find. Many people are shocked when I tell them I am a lawyer because those who have powerful careers are supposed to be perfect. I believe it was the stress of my job that sent me over the edge, though I learned I also had genetic links to substance abuse. Heroin took me down a long and dark path, but I was afraid to get help because I feared what others would think or say about me. I was an upstanding member of the community; how did I fall so horribly?

I alienated my entire family, and I lost my wife and children. The day my children left I knew that I needed help. Freeing myself from heroin would be the biggest struggle of my life. I chose to get help with an in-house treatment program because I knew the clutches of this drug were not going to be easy to break. I tried to get help many times, but I kept talking myself out of this journey because I was scared. I already felt bad enough about myself, and I didn’t want tough love, pity, or sympathy. I’m glad that I didn’t let my fears stop me from getting help. I want you to know that the support you receive is so much greater than your worries.

Making the First Step is The Hardest

You have a few options when you choose to detox, but it comes down to doing it at home or in a treatment center. The only problem is that heroin is a dangerous drug to stop cold-turkey, and the side effects can be brutal. When dealing with heroin or any other opiate, you need medically trained professionals to help you. Making that first call was the hardest. Admitting to someone else that I had a problem seemed unbearable. However, I found the courage and did what I had to do.

You’ll Be Surrounded by People Who Know the Struggle

I was so terrified to make the first call. I am a big man, yet my knees were knocking as the phone rang. When I heard the voice on the other end, my fears seemed to melt away. She was so caring and understanding. It was a lady that told me she knew exactly what I was dealing with on this journey. Her daughter had been down the same path and has been sober for 20 years.

That friendly voice meant everything. She was the reason I had faith in myself to keep going. Listening to her words of wisdom telling me what inpatient treatment could do for me solidified that I was making the right choice. She scheduled all my appointments and found me a bed in a center that was far enough away from my town yet still close to home.

When I arrived at the center, my nerves got the best of me. I knew that detox wasn’t going to be an easy process, but they suggested a medical detox that wouldn’t make me go through the withdrawal symptoms. I immediately started the support groups and counseling to find out what caused my drug seeking behaviors. I can’t tell you how many times someone wrapped their arms around me and encouraged me in those few weeks. It was a life changing experience that I could have never done on my own.

The Hardest Part About Rehabilitation Was My Inner Voices

Dealing with the demons from my past and present choices was the most difficult part of rehabilitation. Thankfully, the counselors knew tips and tricks to combat these inner voices. They helped me devise a plan once I left the substance treatment center. A life without drugs to help combat stress was not going to be easy, but I was worth saving. The workers encouraged me to seek counseling after treatment that could help me address some of the mental health issues that lead me down this path. I still attend meetings and counseling to this day. I find it a vital part of staying sober.

Why Inpatient Care Is Essential for Many?

My fondest memories of those days were the gorgeous campus in the beautiful state of Florida. It was like an oasis in the middle of my storm. I loved every person there. I found so many had family or friends that had been through similar experiences, and even some of them could relate on a more personal level. I owe my life to these people for without them I don’t think I would have ever got shared parenting of my kids and continued my legal practice. If you need help, call 844-639-8371. Counselors are standing by 24/7 who want to help you start your journey towards sobriety.

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