Who Can I Talk To if I Need Drug Help for My Spouse in Florida?

Watching a spouse spiral into addiction can make you feel helpless and uncertain and possibly uncertain about the future of your marriage. You may have met resistance from your spouse after making one or more attempts to communicate your concern. Perhaps you also struggle with substance abuse and have finally come to terms with the fact that you and your spouse should consider rehab. Getting help for your spouse is possible. Whether you are just now looking into rehab or if you have been trying to convince your spouse to seek help for quite some time, we have resources to support you and your family.

Communicating With Your Spouse

Whenever someone is seeking substance abuse treatment for a friend, employee, or family member, the first question most treatment centers ask is whether the individual has had a conversation with the addict about going to rehab. When a loved one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, chances are high that he or she will not be receptive to the idea of going to rehab, at least at first. However, the process of getting your spouse to go to rehab may be a continuing conversation that involves rejection initially. We can help families prepare and anticipate what they can expect when approaching a family member about the prospect of receiving treatment for substance abuse or addiction. If you are deeply concerned about how a conversation with your spouse may ultimately go, we will help you plan and stage an intervention to help facilitate the conversation with your spouse.

Support for Spouses of Individuals Who Have an Addiction

If you suspect your spouse has a drug or alcohol addiction, your primary focus may be to get your spouse the help he or she needs. However, as a close relative to an addict, you will likely need individual support to help you navigate your relationship with the individual and his or her addiction. In addition to treating the person who struggles with substance abuse or addiction, rehab centers also often offer workshops and counseling services to the client’s family members to help facilitate a smoother transition from the facility back into daily life. In addition to helping you learn to navigate your current relationship with the individual, we can also help you learn the communication strategies you will need once your spouse receives treatment and enters his or her new life of recovery. Family members sometimes have difficulty trusting their loved one and may harbor anger and resentment from the tumultuous nature of the relationship prior to rehab. Learning to process these emotions can support your spouse’s recovery by eliminating triggers that may otherwise facilitate relapse.

Involving Other Healthcare Workers

Substance abuse affects overall health. Therefore, you may wish to discuss your concerns about your spouse’s substance abuse with his or her physician and with his or her therapist if he or she currently receives mental health services. Your spouse’s current healthcare professionals are in a position to thoroughly explain the impact his or her addiction is having on his or her health, which may encourage your spouse to pursue treatment. Healthcare professionals are also sometimes better able to demystify the idea of entering rehab and eliminate the perception of stigma by explaining the rehab process from a healthcare prospective. The healthcare-driven perspective your spouse’s healthcare team may be vital allies in your efforts to get your partner to seek treatment for his or her alcohol or drug use. We can help you plan your approach to communicating your concerns to your family doctor or other healthcare providers in your spouse’s life.

Getting the Conversation Started

Whether you have recently realized your spouse may have a substance abuse problem or if you have been struggling with his or her addiction for years, we want you to begin a very critical conversation with us. Our addiction specialists work with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life to help them discover how substance abuse treatment can heal the individual and mend his or her close relationships. Contact us today at 844-639-8371 to learn more about how we can support you and help you navigate your relationship with your spouse as he or she battles addiction. If you find yourself struggling with speaking out against addiction, we will help you find your voice.

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