What Is a Typical Day Like in Florida Rehab Centers?

It’s great that you have decided you don’t want to continue living your life caught up in the cycle of addiction. As you contemplate where to get treatment, you will surely have some concerns. It’s only natural for you to be skeptical about that which you know nothing about. Under these circumstances, we understand how important relevant information is going to be to you as you go through the rehab selection process.

For a variety of reasons, you need to know that South Florida’s sterling reputation as the hotbed for addiction treatment is well-deserved. From one top treatment facility to another, ours included, you would be getting access to the most innovative treatment options being delivered by the industry’s most respected counselors and clinicians. If you want the best treatment available, you’ll want to set aside convenience in favor of traveling to get the kind of care you need for a lasting recovery.

As for removing any doubts you might be harboring, we feel obligated to provide you with the information you will need to make the right decision. We certainly feel there’s a good chance you will come to see that our South Florida drug and alcohol rehab center stands as one of the very best in the industry. The best information we can offer to help you understand what you will be facing in treatment is to take you though a typical day in a Florida rehab inpatient program.

What Is a Typical Day Like in Florida Rehab Centers?

Before we can address a typical day in rehab, we must first explain detox. A lot of patients enter rehab, suffering from a significant addiction to drugs, alcohol or both. Before they can begin therapy and counseling, most patients need time to detox from their substance(s) of choice.

Detox programs offer patients a chance to clear their cravings and possible withdrawal symptoms before attempting to focus on therapy. Unfortunately, many possible withdrawal symptoms can cause lasting health issues if not handled properly. We are talking about serious withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Tremors and convulsions
  • Stomach and body muscle cramping
  • Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations and nightmares that interrupt sleep
  • Sleeping issues like insomnia or chronic drowsiness
  • Psychological issues like depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts
  • Issues with breathing, blood pressure and heart rate

After detox, patients move to an inpatient facility where the real work begins. A typical day in a Florid rehab can be divided into five segments:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Recreation
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Resting and Reflecting

Let’s get into the details.

Individual Therapy

In every case, individual therapy in the meat and potatoes of treatment. Everyday, patients will get an opportunity to work with their counselors on a mission of discovery. They will be looking for answers related to why the patient feels the need to medicate and what kind of coping mechanisms will be needed to avoid future relapses.

Group Therapy

Supports groups play a vital role in treatment and recovery. In a group setting, patients learn they are not alone in their addiction. They also learn that other patients can provide insight about how destructive addiction is to the human spirit. At the end of the day, group therapy sessions help patients understand the importance of reconnecting with society.


All work and no play is bad for the human spirit. Because of the beautiful surroundings and relaxed atmosphere found in South Florida, many of the top rehabs offer fun and exciting recreational amenities. Playing sports and participating in indoor and outdoor activities are great ways to promote camaraderie and help build outside interests.

Health and Nutrition

During the day, patients get an opportunity to enjoy exercise and delicious, nutritious meals. It reminds them about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which often translates to having the strength needed to fight off triggers and temptations.

Resting and Reflecting

After a busy day that includes intensive therapy, everyone needs alone time to reflect on lessons learned. They also need time to sleep in order to recharge the batteries for the next day of activities.

We hope this information has put your mind at ease as to what you can expect from a day in a South Florida rehab. When you are ready to start the recovery process, we hope you will pick up the phone and call us at 844-639-8371.

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