What Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Florida Drug Treatment Centers?

If you’ve never been admitted to a drug and alcohol treatment center or have never known someone who has, you might not know what to expect from it. You might have some ideas about what happens in one, but those ideas might come from some common misconceptions that people have. While some of these misconceptions are rather innocent, some of them are actually harmful and could affect one’s decision about seeking treatment when they need it. If you’re considering checking yourself or a loved one into a Florida drug treatment center, it’s best to learn the truth behind these common myths and misconceptions.

Myth: You Need to Hit Rock Bottom Before Seeking Treatment 

This is a very common and very dangerous misconception about addiction treatment. While many people don’t realize that they need to seek treatment for a substance abuse problem until they lose everything and hit “rock bottom,” you’re always better off getting help before things get that bad. You can always check yourself into a treatment center if you feel like you need help, even if you can technically still function. You have a lot to lose, and it’s definitely in your best interest to seek help before you do lose it all.

Myth: Treatment is for Celebrities

Just about everyone has heard stories about famous people who check themselves into an expensive treatment center that almost looks more like a resort than a place where someone would recover from a terrible life-threatening condition. Depending on the tone of these stories, rehab was often used as either a punchline to jokes about overexposed celebrities who have fallen from grace or something trendy. These stories also gave people the impression that only the rich and famous could afford treatment and that it was strictly for them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Drug treatment programs are for anybody who needs them. Nobody should feel ashamed for using one or feel like they’ll be compared to an overexposed celebrity they don’t like.

Myth: Treatment is Expensive 

This myth ties into the idea that rehab is for the rich and famous, and it is equally untrue. Yes, the treatment centers you might see in gossip magazines or reality shows can come off as expensive resorts, but once again, drug treatment programs are for anybody who needs it. Treatment is often covered by insurance, and there are many options available that make it affordable for practically anybody. No matter who you are or how many resources you have, there is almost certainly a treatment program in Florida that is accessible to you.

Myth: Treatment Requires You to Quit Cold Turkey

Another common myth about drug treatment is that it requires you to quit using a substance cold turkey. While there are some treatments that require you to abruptly stop using the substance you have been abusing, this is very dangerous in some cases. Withdrawal can be incredibly painful and even fatal in some cases, so it is a very bad idea to suddenly stop using something that your body thinks it needs to function. Treatment centers want you to be as comfortable as possible as you undergo treatment, so they can provide you with medications that can ease the withdrawal symptoms. These drugs are administered under the close supervision of the treatment center staff and are available with a prescription.

Myth: You Can Overcome an Addiction Without Help

It might be unfair to say that you can’t overcome an addiction by yourself since there certainly have been people who have done it, but it is definitely not recommended. Aside from the fact that many withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly difficult to handle without supervision or medical intervention, substance abuse is almost always due to an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. On top of that, staying free of drugs and alcohol often requires some major lifestyle changes so you don’t fall back on old habits. Not only does that take time, but it’s something that often requires help from a therapist. In other words, while you might be able to overcome a physical addiction by keeping yourself from your drugs of choice, there is always more to addiction than that. Seeking professional help will always make it easier to overcome the circumstances that drove you to substance abuse.

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