Visiting Loved Ones at a Florida Alcohol Rehab

Family support is important to alcoholics who are in treatment. During a difficult time, your willingness to keep showing your love can make a big difference in their recovery. Keep in touch by getting to know the visitation policies at the Florida alcohol rehab where your loved one is staying. Every rehab facility has its own policies, but all of them allow visits from family members and friends. Separation is hard on both of you, but always remember that your loved one made the right choice by going into an environment where they’re safe from alcohol and from daily temptations to drink.

Can You Visit Loved Ones in a Rehab Facility?

You can and should visit your loved one in an alcohol rehab. If you can’t visit because of distance or other factors, letters and cards can be equally meaningful. If your loved one has children, encourage the children to write cards expressing their love and support. Phone calls may be limited during your loved one’s stay in a treatment center. The rehab center can let you know what the rules for telephone use are. What should you say in your phone calls, cards and visits?

  • Always try to stay positive. Thank your loved one for choosing recovery and tell them you’re proud of them.
  • Stick with lighthearted topics and good news. This is not the time to dump old emotional wounds on your loved one.
  • Don’t talk about future plans. Your loved one is struggling to just get through each day.

What Are the Visitation Policies in a Florida Alcohol Rehab?

Going into inpatient care can be a difficult, confusing experience for your loved one. Even if they willingly chose to get help, they can still feel overwhelmed by the need to adapt to a new lifestyle, in new surroundings, with people they don’t know. To help them make that transition, some Florida rehab facilities have strict rules about visitation. These rules are in place to help your loved one.

  • You might not be able to visit at all during the first week or two. This rule allows your loved one to immerse themselves in the routines of the facility. They start learning what it’s like to stay sober for several days in a row.
  • Most alcohol and drug rehabs prohibit communications through cell phones and email. They may even take their clients’ phones and laptops away. This prevents the alcoholic’s old friends and drinking buddies from being able to contact them and trigger a desire to drink.
  • Visitors’ names must be approved by a therapist before the person can show up. This rule prevents your loved one from getting visits from people who might be active alcoholics or otherwise damage your loved one’s progress.
  • Nobody who is an active alcoholic or drug addict should be allowed to visit someone in rehab.
  • You’re not allowed to bring certain items to the rehab facility. Ask ahead what type of gift or treat is all right to bring to your loved one.

Visits Are Important to Both of You

  • Staying in alcohol rehab is a positive experience, but it can also feel lonely. A visit from loved ones can be a real boost to your loved one’s spirits.
  • Family support is key to helping your loved one stay sober when they’ve completed their treatment in alcohol rehab. Maintaining that connection now is a good way to keep the lines of communication open.
  • Visiting gives you a chance to see for yourself that your loved one is healthy, safe and sober.
  • Make the most of your visit by avoiding topics that cause tension. Stick to a positive tone. If your loved one seems unwilling to open up, don’t push them.
  • Before of after your visit, talk with your loved one’s therapists or counselors. They can often give you a good perspective on how your loved one is doing.

Find a Florida Alcohol Rehab for Your Loved One

Alcohol abuse can tear families apart. Going into alcohol rehab is the first step to healing your loved one’s addiction and healing your family. If you’re looking for help for a family member who’s an alcoholic, we can help. Our counselors can walk you through the process of finding the right facility in Florida. Help your loved one make a fresh start. Call us anytime at 844-639-8371.

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