Is There Such a Thing as an Addictive Personality?

Most of us know at least one person who displays certain behaviors repeatedly. Some of these behaviors may be harmless, however, some of them can be very detrimental, even dangerous. This is commonly referred to as an addictive personality. Is there really such a thing as an addictive personality? Is the term based in fact, and is there a way to cure the negative aspects of an addictive personality? The answers lie in the definition of the term.

In order to understand the term “addictive personality” and determine whether it is a real condition, it is necessary to understand how an addictive personality is explained.

What Exactly Is a Personality?

Psychologists explain personality as the measurable, stable, broad, individual traits that can be used to predict a person’s continued behaviors. These behaviors may be learned, genetic, or even subconscious.

An addictive personality refers to one which causes the individual to take part in specific behaviors over and over. The person may become fixated on a particular thing, oftentimes to the point of obsession. Some of the more common addictive personality issues involve:

• video game playing
• exercise
• food
• shopping
• sex
• drugs/alcohol

Any type of addiction has the potential to become a problem. However, some are more serious than others. When someone with an addictive personality becomes involved with drugs or alcohol, addiction can soon follow. Could an addictive personality be an explanation for the reason some people become so easily dependent on drugs or alcohol? The answer is yes, it can play a part.

What Are the Signs of an Addictive Personality?

There are a number of behaviors that have been identified by psychologists as indicative of an addictive personality. These behaviors include:

• gambling
• extreme risk-taking
• binge or comfort eating
• spending excessive amounts of time on social media
• impulse buying/shopping
• engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners
• inability to stop participating in harmful slash dangerous behaviors for activities

When a person tries to hide these behaviors, this is an indication that there is a problem. This is the time when intervention, such as an effective drug treatment program, can make all the difference. A dependence on substances can become a serious and dangerous full-blown drug addiction very quickly for a person with an addictive personality.

Addictive Personality Traits

Addictive personalities are also shown to be very real by the fact that they share some common traits. These traits include:

High stress levels – People who experience elevated levels of stress will often turn to addictive behaviors, particularly substance abuse related, in an attempt to relieve some of the stressors to try to deal with worries about work, school, family issues, financial problems, etc. In some cases, a mental health issue that causes an imbalance in brain chemistry can result in addictive behaviors involving substance use/abuse.

Low self-esteem – Addictive personalities can result from a poor sense of self-worth. Substance abuse can be a way to feel better about oneself and import confidence along with a false sense of hope and security.

Issues with impulse control – Addictive personalities may battle impulse control, meaning the individual will make poor, often self-destructive choices with no concern for the consequences. This includes when it comes to using drugs. They have no concern for the devastation the drugs will cause in their lives.

Social isolation – Addictive personalities often shy away from social activities or situations either because they don’t want others to find out about their addictions or because they feel that anything that takes them away from their addiction is a waste of time. As time goes on, they will become more and more withdrawn from society, their friends, and their families.

So, are addictive personalities untreatable? The answer is no. People with addictive personalities can absolutely be treated and helped to overcome drug addictions as well as any other issues. There are specific ways to treat undesirable behaviors that can take over a person’s entire life. Professional intervention may be needed. They will be able to help the individual in healthy, effective ways to learn to live their lives free of addictive behaviors. Some of the ways they can help include assisting the individual in staying connected to society in a healthy way and helping them to realize that a healthy social connection can be a first step to building up their self-esteem. Hiding is never healthy.

There is help available for those suffering from an addictive personality and the problems it brings. Don’t wait until you have lost friends, family, employment, and more. The help you need is just a phone call away. We are here to help you. Our expert, compassionate counselors are available 24 hours a day to take your call. If you are ready to get started on your personal road to successful recovery, then give us a call today at 844-639-8371.

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