How Long Does it Take To Become Addicted To Cocaine?

Many people believe developing a drug addiction takes a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, that it not always the case. One of the more addictive illicit substances is cocaine. One frightening aspect of this substance is that dependency can occur in relatively short order.

Cocaine Overview

Cocaine is a noted stimulant drug derived from coco plant leaves. Typically, extracts from the foliage are turned into powder and either snorted or administered intravenously.

Cocaine’s Impact On The Body

Cocaine ingestion results in the elevated brain production and release of a chemical called dopamine. This hormone plays a notable role in regulating feelings like pleasure and cognitive functions like focus and memory. As a greater quantity of the drug is taken in, persons often experience a more significant high and feel a greater level of mental clarity.

Unfortunately, however, as time progresses, more prodigious amounts are needed to produce the desired results. This may lead to addiction and subsequent dependency. Dependent subjects failing to feed their mental and physical addiction risk withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Prolonged cocaine usage could precipitate other health concerns including:

*High blood pressure
*Mental disorders such as anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and depression
*Blood vessel damage
*Heart disease
*Nasal sinus infections
*Chronic headaches
*Diminished sense of smell

Excessive ingestion could also lead to overdosing, which can prove fatal if not promptly and aggressively treated.

How Long Does It Take To Become Addicted?

Scientific investigators and healthcare providers are reluctant to offer specific averages. The speed at which a user grows dependent will depend upon several underlying factors such as the individual in question’s:

*General health
*The amount of cocaine they ingest
*How often they ingest the substance

That said, other factors including brain chemistry and current emotional and mental states could also exercise notable influence.

Researchers have found that some people grow addicted after the very first time they use the drug. However, in other people, dependency could take years to develop.

Signs One Possesses A Cocaine Addiction

It is important to stress that addiction signs will vary from person to person depending on numerous underlying concerns. However, a user or their loved ones are implored to pay close attention to potential common addiction symptoms including:

  • Increased mental problems like anxiety and depression
  • Periods of heightened alertness and mental clarity
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Excessive perspiration

Dependent subjects might also engage in dangerous actions, demonstrate increased libido, withdraw from individuals and activities they once enjoyed, experience marked financial struggles, lie, cheat, and steal.

Moreover, addicts who have gone any length of time without ingesting the drug might experience withdrawal symptoms. The intensity of these physical and mental manifestations will vary depending on how severe the dependency is and the addiction’s length. That said, typical signs include flu-like symptoms, severe anxiety and depression, decline in cognitive functions, and significant fatigue.

In the most severe instances, withdrawing subjects might experience suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

Steps One Can Take If Addicted

Fortunately, cocaine addictions can be ended. However, the dependent individual must realize that the addiction is responsible for causing severe turmoil in their lives and those of their close relations and demonstrate the willingness to stop.

That said, those willing to take the next step will need to undergo some form of treatment.

For those with severe or longstanding dependencies or compromised health, detox would be any treatment program’s first stage. This procedure can be administered inside medical facilities like hospitals or in many inpatient drug rehab centers. During the process, trained healthcare providers gradually wean recovering addicts off cocaine until entirely clearing the drug from their systems.

Once physical dependency is addressed, healing souls must conquer the mental facet of recovery. This typically necessitates counseling and other forms of behavioral therapy designed to help former users determine why they began taking drugs, why the problem spun out of control, identify underlying triggers, and learn to be productive and happy in the sober world.

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