How Expensive Is Alcohol Treatment in FL?

Alcohol addicts who are struggling to overcome their addiction are often intimidated by the high cost of getting addiction treatment and help. They may feel that recovery centers are even more cost prohibitive in Florida the sunshine state than elsewhere. Yet a number of factors actually determine the costs of alcohol treatment in Florida. Putting off the treatment or avoiding it completely can be even more costly in the long run.

Treatment Costs Vary According to Outpatient or Inpatient Services

Florida calls a number of alcohol rehab centers home. These offer their varying services for a range of different prices. Alcohol treatment costs directly relate to the following:

  • The kind of program
  • The facility
  • Offered amenities
  • If the program is an outpatient or inpatient-based center.

The out of pocket costs for alcohol treatment in Florida will likely be less significant for you if you possess insurance. Rehab expenses will vary depending on what percentage (part or all) of the treatment your insurance will actually cover.

The majority of alcohol and drug rehab centers around the Sunshine State provide treatment programs ranging anywhere from 21 days on up to 90 days in length. There are even facilities that provide the option for 180 day programs. Naturally, the number of days that you remain in the program will impact how much money you pay.

This length of stay heavily depends on the personalized treatment plan that your chosen facility provides along with how well you respond to said treatment. A big consideration centers on how severe your alcohol addiction is as well as your prior treatment history. If you are returning to residential treatment, then your recommended stay may be longer with varying techniques of treatment. Naturally, the longer you stay in the program and center, the costlier the treatment will become.

The majority of individuals will go to an alcohol treatment center for at least 30 days. Part of the cost will depend on the level of care that suits your personal needs. Outpatient treatment can run in the range of from $1,000 up to $10,000 for 30 days. Inpatient treatments typically cost a heftier $25,000 and up for the same 30 days. Besides the number of days and type of treatment, you may also have to pay for things like detox, treatment medication, admission, and aftercare.

It is important to keep in mind that the state offers a broad mix of options for alcohol rehab ranging from no-frills, inexpensive treatment and detox centers on up to more exclusive rehab centers for luxury treatment choices for famous and wealthy individuals. The main factor for the cost will still depend on whether you go to the outpatient or inpatient treatment route. Inpatient facilities in the state vary from a low-end amount of $500 per week to high end $100,000 total stays. In the middle are a broad spectrum of price points.

A study covering rehab centers around the U.S. from 2011 determined that the average price for an inpatient four-week program came in at slightly more than $19,000. This same study determined that the 10-week intensive outpatient treatment came in at an average of $6,800. The price for medical detox averaged an additional $1,700 each day. This was on top of either inpatient or outpatient-based programs. All of this goes to show that Florida prices are above the average national prices, but not so much higher than you might expect.

Compare the Treatment Costs to the Financial Price of Addiction

It is worth considering that many addicts do not properly assess the cost of doing nothing regarding treatment. The NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that the costs of substance abuse run the United States over $600 billion per year. Personally speaking, alcohol and drug addiction lead to financial ruin worse than any other disease on the earth. Drug addicts, in particular, can easily spend $100,000 on drugs, while alcoholics can spend many tens of thousands of dollars on their alcohol cravings. When you add in the cost of lost jobs, legal costs, wrecked cars, unpaid rent, and medical costs, the addiction can be astronomically expensive.

In Conclusion

Fortunately, in the state of Florida, alcoholism addiction can be treated with both effectiveness and affordability together. Many recovery centers in the state provide comprehensive inpatient or outpatient programs designed according to your specific requirements. Many even offer payment plans to help with budgeting the expenses. If you are ready to begin, please call us today at 844-639-8371. We are here to help you, and our counselors are standing by 24 hours per day to take your call.

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