Easy Ways To Get High – How Can Easy Ways to Get High Be Dangerous to Your Mental and Physical Health?

Resourceful young minds have found easy ways to get high using things that you would have never imagined. With just a few keystrokes on the internet, anyone can find information on how to make drugs at home or legally find them to get high. Getting high with these concoctions is just as dangerous to their physical and mental health, if not more so, than drugs like crack or marijuana.

As parents in today’s society, you may find yourselves feeling overwhelmed with all of the challenges your children face. You strive to provide them with a safe, nurturing environment at home while encouraging them to explore their curiosities to further define their personalities. And yet, sometimes, through no fault your own, a child will fall for the temptation of drugs or alcohol at a young age and become addicted. Now, you find yourselves in a new and somewhat terrifying reality.

How Can You Recognize These Common Ways To Get High?

Some children will never try any sort of illegal drug. And sometimes, children will maybe dabble with alcohol or drugs, and then go on to become responsible members of society. Unfortunately, many times, some children will become addicted to alcohol and drugs and continue to experiment and use drugs well into their adulthood years.

As parents, you have been educated by society to keep an eye our for any signs of illegal drug use with your children. Now, it seems that children and young adults are finding easy ways to get high with products that are perfectly legal. Alarmingly, some of these home-made drugs can cause more damage to their mental and physical health than illicit street drugs. Here are some more recently discovered easy ways to get high that are legal.


It is comprised of shredded leaves and fibers from different plants and then sprayed with a chemical that, when smoked, will mimic the effect of marijuana. It can be purchased legally all over the country.

The problem with spice is:

  • The chemical can be anything that will produce the desired result.
  • As authorities discover and ban one harmful chemical, these manufacturers find another chemical to use.
  • And, unfortunately, deaths have occurred as a result of smoking these chemicals.

Bath Salts

Common bath salts can be used as a sort of methamphetamine mimicking the effects of crack or heroine. Savvy disreputable retailers are disguising this product as plant food or jewelry cleaner or even phone screen cleaner and giving it misleading names. A simple web search will tell your child where to find what they’re looking for.

Bath salts are health-threatening because:

  • They can be snorted like cocaine, ingested orally, or injected by a needle.
  • They are made of synthetic cathinones. In their natural form, cathinones are a stimulant much like a coffee bean and, in some cultures, are actually used socially as a mild stimulant.
  • However, these synthetic, man-made bath salts can cause heart problems, kidney failure, or even death.

Over-the-counter Drugs

Teens will research different types of over-the-counter drugs to deduce which ones will get them high. Then, they will experiment with different combinations of these common drugs like cough syrups and weight-loss pills to see if they will get them high. They could even find some of these medications in your medicine cabinet.

When they experiment with these, they risk:

  • They could experience serious damage to their heart by abusing any type of stimulants.
  • They can actually poison their body by taking too much of any medication.
  • And, death can occur, especially if they are mixing medications and alcohol.


It can easily be found and purchased online. Crushed tropical leaves are used to either make a tea or smoke. They are also sold in capsules to swallow. Often prescribed to help ease opiate withdrawals, it has mind-altering effects for the user which makes it popular for teens. That, and its ease of availability online, is making this drug more threatening than ever.

Why it’s harmful:

  • Kratom can cause the user to suffer psychotic symptoms.
  • If is highly addictive as the easy high is craved over and over.
  • It hasn’t been fully studied. We still do not know all of the the potential health concerns.

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