Does a Holistic Alcohol Detox Employ Doctors and Nurses?

There are many different kinds of rehabilitation programs that are available to help people dealing with addiction. This includes different alcohol detox programs that leverage a variety of therapeutic styles, such as the holistic approach. Regardless of the therapeutic style used by a program, there are requirements that must be followed in order to obtain licensing. This means they must be equipped with the right personnel and adhere to a long list of guidelines. In other words, any program that’s established for the purpose of alcohol detox must have medical professionals on hand to ensure the safety of program participants.

The holistic approach used for alcohol detox deals with the overall health of an individual, focusing on not just their body, but also their mind and spirit. Holistic detox is considered an alternative option simply because it doesn’t follow traditional methods. While that’s the case, they must still employ measures to ensure the safety of all program participants. Notably, there are even traditional programs that leverage the power of holistic medicine as an element of their treatment. In other words, it doesn’t have to be either/or because sometimes it’s an integration of both.

Benefits of Holistic Detox

What a person is dealing with alcohol abuse, they may not always understand why. Sometimes the assumptions made are wrong and there is something else causing the addiction. As a result, it’s possible to go through a traditional rehab program and not deal with the root cause of the problem. This is precisely why a holistic detox program is beneficial. In addition to detox, it can help you deal with issues that might be intertwined. You have a better chance of understanding what caused the problem and how to deal with it in the future.

It’s important to understand that the benefits of a traditional program are also the benefits of a holistic program. It’s basically a different way of accomplishing the same thing, which is detoxifying your body and finding a solution to help you remain sober. A holistic program will have trained professionals that can help with each phase of the detox process. Every program is different and sometimes the focus is only on detox. It’s important to understand that the methods used for the detox process will vary, especially as it relates to how withdrawal symptoms are handled.

Questions to Ask

When searching for a holistic alcohol detox program, it’s important to ensure the same due diligence as you would when searching for a traditional program. Your goal is to find what’s right for you based on your specific needs. This means you should ask questions about the different treatment options, including how they work. All programs are not the same and it’s a good idea to get an understanding of their practices.

The standard regardless of the therapy type is to customize the treatment to your specific needs. This is one of the questions that you should ask when considering an alcohol detox program. You should also inquire about any activities that you must participate in and what they involve. Another important question that you want to have answered is concerning the length of the program. The duration of a holistic alcohol detox program can vary and you’ll want to make sure you can extend your time in the program if needed.

Other Important Considerations

The reason why some people prefer a holistic detox program is because there are a variety of different reasons for alcohol addiction. Sometimes it’s because they’re trying to fill a void or self medicate, while other times it’s because of physical pain and an attempt to medicate the problem. Holistic medicine enables a person to understand the root of the problem whatever it might be. Instead of just dealing with the physical issue, it addresses what might be a spiritual or mental health issue.

Although all programs are required to have qualified professionals available, you should still inquire about the credentials of the staff. They should have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with alcohol detox emergencies. Another important consideration is whether the facility is accredited and reputable. The size of the program will also matter, especially as it relates to the number of staff they have to each patient.

If you’re considering a holistic alcohol detox program and you have questions, we’re here to help. Give us a call to learn more about this type of program and whether it’s best for you. Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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