Can You Contact Outpatient Drug Rehabs After Hours?

We know that most inpatient centers are 24/7 facilities. Calling one of them is no problem no matter what time of day it might be. Outpatient programs are different, though. They do not do these treatments the same as the inpatient ones. This makes your research a bit confusing because you want to sign up for one, but you’re not sure if you should since it’s after hours. It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to call. There are many other people, like you, that wonder if you can even contact outpatient drug rehabs after hours.

The answer would be a resounding yes, in most cases. It would depend on the clinic, but it would surprise you to know that there are rehabs that have someone available at all hours of the night as well as the day. Drug addictions happen and it’s important to get help as soon as possible. Some centers would rather you call at midnight, then wait a few hours where you could change your mind. Here, we’ll discuss how it’s possible to contact clinics after hours, what kind of information you need, and how to prepare for an outpatient program.

Contacting outpatient drug rehabs after hours

Outpatient programs typically work around your schedule to fit in all the counseling sessions and learning classes that’s prescribed for your treatment. Some may have morning appointments, while others will run in the evening after you get off of work. Flexibility is the most alluring aspect of this kind of program because people have jobs they don’t want to lose. Work hours can run from early morning to night shifts.

While counselors and teachers generally aren’t at the centers during the night, that doesn’t mean you can’t contact the clinic for questions or advice on the program. Most drug rehabs have a call center that handles the inquiries, or initial sign-ups. They would be available at any time of the day, no matter if it’s early morning or midnight. Each center is different when it comes to their customer service hours, however. So, be sure to find one that takes calls 24/7, if you need to contact them after hours.

What information you should have when contacting drug rehabs after hours

If you’re looking to get the sign-up process started, there are some things you should have available when you call. Those would include:

  • Insurance information
  • List of medications you currently take
  • List of any physical or mental disorders you may also have

Let the after hour care service knows of your insurance status. If you have any, give them the information they request for their records. If you have no insurance, be sure to let them know as well. They can walk you through other financial options that may be available to you. They should also be aware of any medical problems you have. It’s important because this will help customize your rehab program to one that will suit your situation. Those who have mental health issues, for example, will need a slightly different treatment plan to find success with getting rid of the addiction.

What you need to prepare for outpatient drug rehab

When you talk with an expert at the clinic to get a treatment plan set up, they will ask more questions, so they can have a better idea of where you’re at. It wouldn’t hurt to jot down how long you’ve been dealing with the addiction, how you think it might’ve started and seen if there’s any family history of drug or alcohol abuse. The more information you can provide the clinic, the better your treatment will work for your unique situation.

Discuss your treatment with your family, if applicable. While you will continue to work, there may be certain times of the day that you won’t be available to help out with the home. For example, you may be the main cook for the family, but if you need to have meetings and classes 3-4 times a week that fall in that time frame, then someone else could pick up the slack so you can focus on getting well.

So, don’t hesitate to contact a clinic no matter what time of day it is. Customer care reps, at most centers, can help you with any questions you have, or they can get you started with the sign-up process. Feel free to call us at 844-639-8371. We have plenty of qualified reps on hand to get you started with an outpatient program tailored for your drug addiction needs.

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