Are You Ready for South Florida Drug Rehab?

If you are contemplating going to rehab, you should know that many addicts toy with the idea long before they go. We fear the unknown and the entire process of ridding ourselves from the harmful substances. One of the ways to get rid of the fear is to know the facts. Don’t listen to all the rumors and lies spread by other addicts who are too afraid to get help. Armed with truth, you can make an informed decision about your life and get the help you need.

The Journey Won’t Be Easy, But It’s Worth the Work

Anytime you rehabilitate yourself there are growing pains. Removing destructive behavior from your life is not a cake walk. However, what you need to focus on is the intense support system that you will gain. These rehabilitation centers are full of people that are there to help you.

If you are like me, it was the first time in my life that I ever had any real support. I had people to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk me down off the ledge when I felt like I was about to jump. I was able to get clean because someone cared and was there for me.

Yes, there is a lot of changes that occur in the body that causes you to have weird sensations and feel like your life is about to end, but these feelings are only temporary. After the first few days of getting the drug out of your system, you will start to feel like you again.

Rehab Doesn’t Just Leave You Hanging

Most addicts have ruined relationships, have no real place to call home, lost their jobs, and are at rock bottom. While rehab focuses on getting you off drugs, they also focus on your future too. If you are anything like I was, you probably don’t know where your tomorrow will be spent. A great rehabilitation center has a team that helps you with the future too.

There are transitional housing facilities, ongoing counseling, curricula for continual development, and a support system both in rehab and on the outside. You can have a sense of ease knowing that you don’t have to worry about your tomorrows when your team is working hard for your success.

You Will Learn to Love Yourself Back to Life

The southern Florida rehab facility taught me how to love myself again. I felt like the worst sinner, and I had given up on life. Through all the counseling and group sessions, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I learned that most addicts have a poor self-esteem and come from troubled backgrounds.

I was a victim of child abuse, and I found that abuse was one of the driving forces in my addiction. I was given the tools that I needed to view myself in a different light. I don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for the help that I received. I didn’t improve my self-esteem overnight, but I learned to see my strengths and accept my weaknesses.

You Learn to Be Honest with Yourself and Others

All through my years of addiction, I kept telling myself that nothing was wrong. I thought that I had control over my drug problem. I became an expert at lying to myself and others. The hardest thing is to admit that there is a problem and that you need help. Even up until the first few days of my treatment, I kept justifying my actions and lying to myself. When the drugs were out of my system, I was forced to take a long, hard look at my life.

I will prepare you by telling you that it’s utterly shocking when the blinders come off. I didn’t have a dime to my name, I lost hair, self-respect, and my skin was a mess. My weight was down to 101 pounds. When I saw me for the first time without drugs in my system, I cried for two straight hours. I couldn’t believe what I had done to myself. However, a good dose of honesty was one of the critical components in making sure that I didn’t go back to that lifestyle.

If you are ready to start your journey towards sobriety, our counselors are ready to help you. They are available 24/7 to assist in finding a center that is in the beautiful southern Florida area. They know it isn’t easy, which is why they are trained to support you through this challenging time. Call 844-639-8371 today.

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