Are There Drug Rehab Outpatient Programs That Will Let Me Continue Going to School?

You should know that if you are suffering from a serious drug or alcohol addiction problem, the best chance you are going to have to arrest your addiction is going through inpatient rehab. You need time to get clean, deal with the root causes of your addiction, and develop some kind of structure in your life. You also need a place where you will be safe from outside influences that might interfere with your recovery. Of course, there might be circumstances under which you might not be able to commit to an inpatient treatment option. It’s even possible you could commit to such treatment but would prefer another option.

If for any reason inpatient care wouldn’t be a viable option for you, we would then suggest you commit to an outpatient treatment option. While you are contemplating your options, we want to inform you that inpatient care has a higher success rate than outpatient care. However, outpatient treatment is definitely better than no treatment at all. We just want you to get the highest level of treatment that you can get. To let you know you are not alone should you decide to go with an outpatient option, we see clients choose outpatient care all the time.

Here are a few of the common reasons that outpatient care could be a better fit for a busy person:

  • Responsible for the direct care and security of other individuals like children or elderly parents
  • Inpatient care would cause financial difficulties
  • Can’t get time off from work due to work responsibilities
  • In school and cannot afford to miss time from studies

If schooling is the reason inpatient treatment won’t work for you, that’s a viable consideration. It is difficult to miss class and fall behind in your studies. As a matter of fact, you might want to know if an outpatient program is available for you with school putting constraints on your time. If so, please read the information below.

Are There Drug Rehab Outpatient Programs That Will Let Me Continue Going to School?

The answer to the titled question is yes, there are a number of outpatient options that might fit into your school schedule. We would want you to understand that outpatient treatment only works if you are serious about getting treatment. If you are serious, here are a few rules you would need to follow as an outpatient client:

  • Must arrive for all appointments on time, every time
  • Must refrain from any drug or alcohol use without a doctor’s prescription
  • Must be willing to go through drug testing
  • Must continue making progress towards a full recovery

If you can follow these rules, there is a very good chance outpatient treatment might work out for you. Assuming you can commit to these guidelines, here are two outpatient options that you could work into your schooling schedule.

Partial Hospitalization or PHP

PHP is by far the most restrictive outpatient treatment option. You would need to report for treatment at least five days each week and be willing to stay at least eight hours each day. That might seem like a lot, but it’s necessary because you need time to cover significant ground in therapy. The good news is you could schedule your appointments on weekends and during the hours/days you don’t have school. As for the actual treatment process, you would be spending most of your time in individual therapy with a few group therapy sessions in the mix. The focus of therapy would be learning the truth about your addiction.

Intensive Outpatient or IOP

If the PHP option requires too much of your time, an IOP option might suffice. The time requirements would be at least three days a week for at least four hours of therapy each day. While this option offers more flexibility, it would still be incumbent on you to make sure you give the treatment process the focus it requires. Anything less than that and chronic relapses would be a certainty. Since you read this information, it would seem you are looking for a treatment solution. That’s great news. The next step you need to take is to immediately contact one of our representatives at 844-639-8371. With your initial contact, we would have a chance to tell you about our outpatient treatment options and encourage you to come in for treatment.

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