Are Outpatient Rehab Centers a Good Place to Get Advice About Detox Programs?

If you have a mild substance abuse issue, then you may want to consider the benefits that an outpatient rehab program can offer. There are outpatient rehab programs that offer the flexibility to help those who are committed to addressing their substance abuse issue. Here’s a look at some of the ways an outpatient rehab center can assist you.

The most important service that an outpatient rehab program can offer you is a detox program. With a detox program, you or your loved one will receive assistance as they try to ween themselves off of a particular drug or alcohol. Since the detox process can be a difficult experience, professional assistance is important. Here is a deeper look at how rehab centers can assist in the detox process.

What a Detox Process Offers At a Rehab Center

A detox program will use a combination of medical detox therapy along with group counseling to help with every step of the process. As mentioned before, rehab centers are an excellent choice for mild addictions. Just about every rehab center has had success in helping someone with a mild drug or alcohol addiction. Here are some of the most specific services that a rehab center will offer in their detox program:

  • Treatment for alcohol addition
  • Treatment for Illicit Drugs: Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, Hallucinogens ect.
  • Treatment for Opioids
  • Treatment for sleeping pills
  • Treatment for stimulants
  • Treatment for Benzodiazepine (Tranquilizers)

Along with these medical treatments, a rehab center will also provide both individual and group counseling. This is an important part of the process because most additions have a psychological component. Most people never talk about the underlying problem that led to their addiction. By allowing the person in treatment to openly discuss their issues and their challenges, they will be able to get the advice that they need in order to deal with their detox.

The Magic of Group Counseling

One of the most important reasons to consider a rehab center for detox programs is the group counseling sessions. In these sessions, a patient is able to talk to others who share the same addition. In many cases, a patient will feel as though they are alone in their problem. Having a support group of people going through the same issue will help the patient realize that their situation is not unique.

Group counseling sessions also allow the patient to feel more comfortable in the rehab center environment. Most people may feel uncomfortable entering a rehab center for the first time. However, the group counseling sessions allow for a patient to “drop their defenses” and become more open about their issues. This leads to transformative breaks in the patient’s addiction pattern.

Great For Those Who Need To Keep Their Life On Track

Many people who face additional issues still have responsibilities that they have to deal with. For instance, there are patients who are the head of a household and need to maintain their jobs in order to pay the bills. In some cases, a patient may be caring for an older or a sick relative. An outpatient program allows the person to receive the help that they need while still maintaining their everyday life.

Outpatient detox programs only require a commitment of a couple of hours of the week. Most detox centers will have flexible programs that will allow the patient to maintain their daily routine. That includes evening and weekend counseling sessions.

Benefits of Detox Programs at Outpatient Rehab Centers

To summerize, here are all the benefits that detox programs offer from an outpatient rehab center:

  • Ideal for mild addictions
  • Can offer medical treatments along with individual and group counseling
  • Does not require the paitent to live in a facility or a sober house
  • Provides a flexible schedule that allows the patient to maintain a normal life

Get Help Today

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