Art Therapy

Art Therapy for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Art therapy allows patients to use their imagination and creativity to express their emotions within a healthy and productive art form. Art therapy enables patients to communicate more effectively, better relating to personal experiences of addiction and other aspects of their lives.
Art therapy is an expressive group therapy wherein addicts are encouraged to freely convey their innermost thoughts and feelings. This form of expression empowers them to communicate things they may not be able to verbalize. Many addicts are greatly helped through art therapy for drug and alcohol addiction, particularly those who suffered abuse or were otherwise victimized.
There are three techniques commonly employed within art therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. Those include:
  • Gestalt: As part of these methods, the therapist helps addicts recognize and work through feelings and experiences.
  • Active imagination: This free association form of art enables addicts to create without overthinking, opening them up to greater self-awareness through introspection and discussion.
  • Third Hand: Within this method, the therapist helps to produce the art while addicts are still in control of the overall direction of the creative work.

Enhancing your recovery through Art Therapy for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

A great means of working out experiences, issues and emotions that contributed to addiction, art therapy is a safe form of nonverbal expression. For addicts particularly wary of verbal communication about their past or feelings, art therapy can provide a means of opening up and relieving the burden of those unexpressed issues.
If you or your loved one need freedom from drug and alcohol addiction and are interested in using art therapy as part of recovery, call Nextep today at 844-639-8371. Your new life awaits and is one you can both imagine and design through art therapy.
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